Dermot Murnaghan’s Face Before and After Plastic Surgery – Dermot Murnaghan has denied having any plastic surgery procedures, but fans believe that he looks young for someone in his 60s, leading to speculation. Although his before and after pictures show that he is aging gracefully, it is believed that he might have cosmetic surgery.

Dermot Murnaghan, a British broadcaster, has made significant contributions to several news organizations, including Sky News, CNBC Europe, Independent Television News (ITN), and BBC News. His calm and authoritative presenting manner has earned him plaudits, and he has an amazing ability to connect with his audience. He began his career as a trainee reporter for Channel 4 before moving on to present programs for ITV and the BBC, notably BBC Breakfast. He started his career as a trainee reporter for local newspapers before joining Channel 4 as a researcher and then as a reporter for The Business Program.

He started his career several years ago, yet he is still good-looking to this day. Fans have seen him on screen for several years, and he appears to have maintained the same appearance. Is he one of those people who, despite their age, appear suspiciously young while undergoing plastic surgery? Let us find out if he did receive the knife.

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Dermot Murnaghan Denied Having Any Plastic Surgery on His Face

Although Dermot Murnaghan has revealed that he wants to have a natural appearance and assures that he will continue with the visage that Mother Nature has given him, there are people who believe that he has undergone plastic surgery to look better and maintain his appearance. As his’ job made him appear on screen, did he think of improving his face?

When someone over 50 in the entertainment or media sector has anything less than a lot of creases, wrinkles, and lines on their faces, people start to wonder what cosmetic treatments they may have had to look so good for their age. Dermot Murnaghan is 62. That’s a lot for a media professional. So, yes, there have been many conversations about his plastic surgery status over the last few years.

Dermot Murnaghan looks young for someone in his 60s, leading plastic surgery rumors. celebsindepth.comDermot Murnaghan looks young for someone in his 60s, leading plastic surgery rumors.
Source: Speakout

The majority of people believe he has received cosmetic treatments on his face since he cannot have such great skin naturally at his age. Could he truly have aged so ‘gracefully?’ He looks beautiful, like he’s physically shining, yet he’s not as smooth as those who overuse Botox. He does not appear frozen or like a wax figure, as people who overuse anti-wrinkle injections do.

I would characterize his appearance as having creases, lines, and crow’s feet around his eyes. His face does not appear to be as tight as it was when he was young. It appears like his cheeks are dropping somewhat. But not the big wrinkles and fine lines that he should have at the age of 62, leading to suspicion regarding plastic surgery.

Although his fellow Sky News presenter Kay Burley gleefully revealed that he had had plastic surgery, Dermot Murnaghan assures me that he will continue with the visage that Mother Nature has given him. He stated that he is in good health and was asked if he had ever needed Botox or a surgeon’s knife. He stated that he was delighted to assist with this humorous notion. The answer is fairly short: no! He stated that there is no hiding spot in full, beautiful, high definition. So we can say that he has directly denied having any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure.

Dermot Murnaghan Still Looks the Same in His Before and After Pictures

Of course, Dermot Murnaghan‘s before and after pictures show a difference and that he has changed a lot. To sum up, it’s not that his face structure has changed by having done a lip job, nose job, or cheek lift; it’s just that with time he has changed and he has aged, but not much of his age should be as he is in his 60s. The picture was shared by Mirror, and in the before and after images, it showed he had suffered an accident that showed a puffy face.

Dermot Murnaghan had an accident, leaving scars. celebsindepth.comDermot Murnaghan had an accident, leaving scars.
Source: Mirror

Dermot Murnaghan startled fans by sharing a photo of his bruised and damaged face, indicating that he was engaged in a hit-and-run. The broadcaster and former Eggheads host turned to Twitter to inform us that he had been injured in an accident in Kentish Town, London. Along with a photo of his face, which revealed two massive red abrasions on his chin and cheek, he wrote:

Here’s why I haven’t been on television in two days. There was a hit-and-run in Kentish Town yesterday. The police were fantastic.

May be the well known reporter underwent some surgery or treatment to heal his wound, but we cannot jump to the conclusion that he had plastic surgery.