Derrius Guice GF - Who is the Girlfriend of the Former Washington Running Back?

Aug 9, 2020 @ 1:52 GMT-0500
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Derrius Guice GF - Who is the Girlfriend of the Former Washington Running Back?

Derrius Guice is a gifted running back from LSU who was selected in the second round of the 2018 draft. He was supposed to go in the first round, but some issues raised during the draft process caused him to fall to the Washington Football team. Now, Derrius Guice gf is in the news because the athlete was arrested for domestic violence.

The running back from Baton Rouge, Louisiana made his name in the SEC, setting the record for three 250 yards rushing yard games in SEC. The athlete who is famous for his size and twitter feed recently made headlines for throwing a party with numerous Instagram models during the lockdown period. Now he is making headlines again by getting arrested.

Derrius Guice GF – The Girlfriend of the Former Washington Player

Derrius Guice gf was Blaire Bass according to rumors.Derrius Guice gf was Blaire Bass according to rumors.
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He arrived in the NFL after being selected by the Washington Football team in the second round. Derrius was primed to have a good season, but nagging injuries cut short his season. While recuperating, the athlete was rumored to be in a relationship with Blaire Bass.

Derrius Guice gf, according to rumors, was the softball player Blaire Bass. According to sports gossip, the athlete was being helped to recuperate in August of 2018, by the Louisville softball player. It is not confirmed though if the Derrius Guice gf at the time and his recent troubles were with the same women.

We could not find the Derrius’ Instagram or Twitter page because he deleted both accounts recently. He was arrested, which is why there is not much movement on his social pages. Blaire, who was Derrius Juice gf in 2018, is most likely not with the athlete anymore.

Derrius Guice Arrest – Domestic Assault Allegation against the Athlete

Derrius Guice was arrested for charges of domestic violence.Derrius Guice was arrested for charges of domestic violence.
Source: Washington Post

On 7 August 2020, at 5 pm the Derrius Guice turned himself into the authorities after it was revealed the athlete was being investigated for three separate acts of violent acts. Loudoun County Sherriff was investigating the allegations, which resulted in Derrius’ arrest and later released on a bond of $10,000.

The Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland was made aware of three incidents, which took place on 14 February, 13 March, and 17 April. Derrius Juice gf or the person he is accused of assaulting lives in Maryland, and the domestic violence incident was reported to have taken place in Ashburn, where Guice owns a home.

The incident was first reported to the police on 22 July. He was taken into custody after Derrius turned himself in, voluntarily. He was later released two and a half hours later and drove away from the station in a silver Range Rover.

Derrius Guice Domestic Violence Case – Washington Releases the Player

According to the newly named Washington Football team, the incident involving Guice came to the team’s attention on Thursday, and they notified the NFL of the developing situation. He was excused of team activities with the team reviewing the further course of action.

Washington later confirmed through a press release; they have released the player. “This afternoon, we learned that there were multiple charges filed against Derrius. Upon review of the nature of these charges and following internal discussions, we have decided to release Derrius immediately,” the release read.

The press release or any other media releases does not specify who Derrius Guice gf or the person he allegedly assaulted is. The identity of the accuser was withheld. We will just have to wait until the end of the case before everything comes to light.

All of these events could not have happened at a bad time for the Washington Football Team. They are currently battling allegations made by two female reporters and 15 female employees who alleged sexual assault against team members in positions of power.

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