Julius Dein GF 2020 - Learn Details About the Swedish Girlfriend of the Magician

Aug 9, 2020 @ 20:21 GMT-0500
Julius Dein GF - Learn Details About the Swedish Girlfriend of the Magician

Julius Dein gf is making a lot of appearances across the magician’s social media platforms. Due to the pandemic, even more videos of the two sharing living space is available on the internet. Their prank videos are getting a lot of hits and it seems the two have have found their perfect match in one another.

Before, we used to see Julius Dien with a lot of women, performing tricks and playing various pranks, ranging from hilarious to moderately crude. Now though, all of the ladies have been replaced by just one, Julius Dein got “swept off his feet” by one beautiful Swedish lady. Here are things you need to know about Julius Dein gf.

Julius Dein GF 2020 – Who is the Swedish Girlfriend of Julius?

Julius Dein gf Estelle Berglin is a 23 year old Swedish model.Julius Dein gf Estelle Berglin is a 23 year old Swedish model.
Source: Estelle Berglin Instagram

Julius Dein gf in 2020 is theSthe Instagram model Estelle Berglin. She started posting photos and videos on the image sharing platform, detailing her workouts, eating habits and modeling life. Not a model by trade, Estelle, however, poses for shoots and promotional materials for bikini manufacturers and other brands.

Estelle Berglin also started a second Instagram page where she posts are workouts. The IG model is an advocate for eating what you want and putting in the hours at the gym, not only doing cardio, but also lifting weights to put on muscles.

There are transformation pictures of Julius Dein gf where she shows off her 16 and 22 year old body and the changes we can all see. All of that was her hard work and also lifting weights in the gym, not worrying about the saying lifting weight makes you manly.

She has close to 50,000 followers on her fitness Instagram page and over 500,000 followers on her main account. Her follow count has seen a massive uptick since people started to know her as Julius Dein gf. Julius himself has more than 20 million followers on Instagram and other social platforms.

Julius Dein GF – From 2019 to 2020, Brief Romance History

Julius Dein and Estelle Berglin started appearing in each other's Instagram in 2019.Julius Dein and Estelle Berglin started appearing in each other's Instagram in 2019.
Source: Julius Dein Instagram

Julius Dein gf and the famous magician first appeared together in Julius’ Instagram post, dated 25 May 2019. A card trick featuring the two has since been viewed by more than two million people. This was the first post we could find of the two together.

Before the video, Julius used to appear with various other Instagram models, but since then Estelle has been a staple. Estelle’s first posted about Julius on 6 September 2019 when she claimed she swept him off his feet.

The couple has been together ever since. Most of the videos they share these days are of the two enjoying each other’s company while playing practical pranks during the pandemic period. Julius Dein gf and the magician play boyfriend vs. girlfriend pranks in their home. The videos are shared on all platforms by the lovebirds.

Julius Dein GF Pulls a Massive Prank on The Magician

Just a normal day for the couple while they were out during the quarantine. Driving around in their car Julius was drinking coffee and when they pull over to a gas station he goes in to buy some things. Well, Julius was in for a shock because while he was shopping in the gas station, his girlfriend was putting laxatives in his coffee.

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Yup, Julius Dein gf Estelle Berglin took laxatives and put it in Julius' coffee. Few minutes later, gaseous explosion in the car as Estelle could not control her laughter and Julius could not control his stomach. It got so bad that he decided to pull over and run over to a bush to relieve himself. The retribution for this prank on 9 August 2020 is going to be bad for his girlfriend Estelle Berglin.

Something About Julius Dein

Julius Dein is a 26 year old street magician from London, UK. He started performing slight of hands in high school and carried on his passion as he moved through college. A student of King’s College London and UCLA, the artist started making a name for himself with prank videos and street magic.

His videos started to get a lot of attention starting in and around 2016 and then more people started to follow the artist as he did tricks with beautiful models. All his years of hard work has allowed the magician to garner a loyal following. And right now Julius Dein gf and the famous magician are living their best life together.

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