Did India Love Get a BBL? Her Before Appearance, Breast Surgery!

Without a doubt, India Love did get a BBL to enhance her appearance. Before her BBL, she was known for her small body, but after a buttock implant and breast surgery, she seems too big to be natural. Many fans believe it was unnecessary for her to get a BBL, as she was beautiful even before having it.

India Love is a stunning television and social media personality whose success may be traced back to a Tumblr account she started in 2011. She is currently a well-known model, artist, and reality television star. She is the embodiment of self-assurance. Everywhere she travels, the attractive actress promotes the message of self-love. When she was 16, she switched her focus to Instagram, where she was among the first known crop of Instagram models and influencers.

India Love is also a controversial character, particularly when it comes to her appearance. She has undergone different plastic surgeries to alter her appearance, and the most talked about is her BBL. Many of her fans believe that she underwent a BBL and have talked about her appearance before having it. So did she really get a BBL? Let us get into detail and also discuss her before having it.

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Yes, India Love Did Get a BBL, Making Her Figure Look Bigger and More Unnatural!

India Love (@indialove) is a well-known social media personality. She rose to prominence after appearing on the reality television show “The Westbrooks.” But people are more interested in whether she had BBL or not.” They believe she had plastic surgery to change her appearance, particularly her buttocks. Let’s speak about her BBL in more details!

India Love enhanced her appearance after getting the BBL. celebsindepth.comIndia Love enhanced her appearance after getting the BBL.
Source: Instagram

When you look at India Love, you will note that she has an hourglass body that is flawless and unbelievable. Was she always this way? Her figure appears overdone in several ways. People assumed she had BBL and breast implants to improve her shape because her buttocks and breasts appeared to be too huge and out of proportion with her body. Her thighs appeared small in comparison to her buttocks, as did her stomach.

Every time India Love makes a public appearance, her followers find it difficult not to comment on her physique, which appears unnatural in that she is quite small but has a massive buttock that is disproportionate to the rest of her body. She needed plastic surgery to boost her buttocks because she couldn’t look so plump just on her buttocks.

She has never claimed to have BBL, but many are confident she did because, as one fan put it, she changed from having no bottom to having a bubble booty overnight. India Love now has a much more enhanced body than before, but she didn’t have the same body before. So let us look at her before her BBL appearance.

Check Out India Love’s Appearance Before Getting a BBL and After Breast Surgery!

Surgeries and implants have become a social media requirement these days, and model India Westbrooks aka India Love has gotten on board. She was known for her small body, but she recently had a butt implant, which people say is insane, and her butt is now too big to be natural. Many of her followers say that she looked better with her natural form earlier, without a BBL, and that her physique now seems strange with her big buttocks. So fans have been wondering about her appearance before getting a BBL.

India Love's picture before getting the BBL. celebsindepth.com India Love’s picture before getting the BBL.
Source: Outfits

India Love spent her childhood in Compton, California, and life was difficult for her and her family. When Compton became too difficult for India’s family, they relocated to Corona. Her relocation to Corona proved to be a curse. Her school was a place of bullying and isolation for her. She said;

I went to a Christian middle school, and I was bullied there. I never understood why no one wanted to sit with me; everyone was in a clique and gossiped behind my back. She was uneasy.

There are other videos on the internet where individuals express their thoughts on whether she had surgery. Some claim she had BBL surgery, but others claim she is fully natural. She does appear different than she did a few years ago, but models are known to live a healthy lifestyle; therefore, her healthy lifestyle may have contributed to her wonderful appearance.

India Love's appearance after breast surgery and BBL. celebsindepth.comIndia Love’s appearance after breast surgery and BBL.
Source: Instagram

India Love fans believe she didn’t need any work done on her already gorgeous natural physique and are disappointed she went and got a BBL. Going through her before and after images to ascertain whether or not she had BBL, we notice a significant improvement. She used to have a different body and didn’t have the voluptuous figure she has now. This is conclusive evidence that she had BBL, often known as buttock agumentation.