Did Jenna Ortega Get Shot in Real Life? Fans Wonder if the Movie, The Fallout, Is Based on Her Real Story!

Jenna Ortega, the lead cast of Netflix’s Wednesday, has never been shot in real life. However, she portrayed a teen girl who was the victim of a gun shooting and survived the school shooting in HBO’s The Fallout. The movie focuses on the teen trying to rebuild her life after the traumatic experience.

Wednesday is a Netflix coming-of-age fantasy adaptation of the Addams Family, characters created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. The plot revolves around the titular character, who has attended eight schools in five years. Despite their daughter’s intelligence and individualism, her parents want her to have a normal childhood filled with friends and diverse life experiences. As a result, they decide to send her to Nevermore Academy, the boarding school where they both attended. They hope Wednesday can be herself at Nevermore.

Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday Addams in the series. Likewise, the actress has also previously starred in the HBO Max drama The Fallout, a movie about a school shooting that kills and injures students. The unthinkable tragedy in Uvalde, Texas is the most recent heinous example of a problem that has become all too common in the United States like in the movie.

Jenna Ortega plays a teenage survivor of an attack who is dealing with the trauma of what she has been through in the film written and directed by Megan Park. Ortega delves into an aspect that is often overlooked in the aftermath of such a calamitous event: the long-term emotional impact on the children who survive. Additionally, many people are confused about if she really got shot in real life. Here is everything we know about the fuss.

Jenna Ortega Has Never Been Shot in Real Life; However, She Did a Movie Titled the Fallout Which Is About Shooting Students in the School!

Jenna Ortega‘s (@jennaortega) performance in The Fallout was influenced by tragic real-life events involving the dangers of mass shootings in the United States. However, she has not ever been shot in real life.

In the movie, Ortega plays a teen trying to rebuild her life after surviving a school shooting. The film focuses on the trauma that children must carry for the rest of their lives after such a traumatic experience. Meanwhile, The Fallout movie is still extremely relevant, as mass shootings occur almost daily in America.

Unfortunately, school shootings have become all too common in the United States in recent decades. Every time they go to school, far too many teenagers live in fear of a gunman murdering them and their classmates. However, while the world watches in the week or so following each horrific shooting, the news crews eventually leave, leaving the students and their families to deal with the emotional fallout.

When asked about her experience working on a project with such a sensitive subject, Ortega mentioned how her trust in writer and director Megan Park helped her get through it. Ortega stated,

A project like this, it’s so relevant and it’s so unfortunately real that I think it was a bit nerve-wracking because obviously I only want to be respectful to anybody who’s ever experienced anything like this before. It’s a very sensitive topic. But after meeting with Megan, the writer-director who’s so wonderful and put so much time and effort into this project, knowing that she was only coming from a place of respect and well-meaning and had educated herself on the topic, I felt safe to proceed.

In addition to educating herself on the subject prior to The Fallout’s production, Ortega was able to channel her own experience with public schools to bring her character to life. According to Ortega, it is now common for students to go through shooter drills and even come face to face with live fire weapons.

Jenna Ortega’s Dating History!

Jenna Ortega and Asher Angel (@asherangel) were romantically linked in October 2018 after they dressed up as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, who were in a relationship at the time, and attended a Halloween party. They then attended several red carpet events together, including the premiere of Marvel‘s Venom. However, the two have never publicly confirmed or denied dating rumors, and it is currently unknown where their relationship stands.

Jenna previously sparked dating rumors with Jacob Sartorius after appearing in his music video for Chapstick. On their date, the two celebrities visit New York City, where they enjoy ice cream, carnival games, and a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. Despite appearing to have a lot of chemistry, they never became more than friends.

In addition, Jenna addressed dating rumors in a February 2019 podcast episode of Just Between Us. When hosts Bailee Madison and Kaitlin Vilasuso asked the Disney star what the craziest thing she’d read about herself online was? She said it was the dating rumors.

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