Is Jenna Ortega Straight? Viewers Are Curious About Her Sexuality, Wondering if She Is Lesbian or Gay!

As of this writing, we are not sure if Jenna Ortega is straight, lesbian, or gay. Her roles as Vada Cavell in The Fallout and as Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s Wednesday show have contributed to the rumors that she is a lesbian. Also, she hasn’t been seen in public relationships with any boys, which has increased rumors.

Wednesday, a new Netflix series from Tim Burton took over both the small screen and the internet. The story centers on the eponymous girl, who is moved to a school for children with abilities after being expelled from her normal school. It offers a novel perspective on the well-known Addams Family tales. After enrolling at Nevermore Academy, Wednesday rapidly makes allies and foes there while also learning a dark truth.

Wednesday follows the young Wednesday Addams as she enrolls in the Nevermore Academy, a pariah school in Jericho, New York. The conflict between the normies and the supernatural outcasts is common, and it gets worse when a string of horrifying murders. As Wednesday adjusts to her new school and acquires control over her psychic abilities, she investigates a murder.

Jenna Ortega, who is most known for her work in horror films, plays the homicidal Wednesday Addams in the Netflix original Wednesday. The protagonist is the gothic deadpan daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, who is banished to the outcast school of Nevermore Academy after attempting to murder students at her prior high school. As Wednesday settles into her new school and resolves a 25-year-old murder inquiry, she learns how to use her psychic skills.

The millions of followers Jenna Ortega has accumulated on social media, especially among younger audiences, attest to her popularity. Although Ortega publishes a lot, she keeps her personal affairs secret. She is well known for keeping her sexual orientation and romantic relationships a secret. Fans wonder whether she is straight or not. Let’s investigate.

It’s Unclear if Jenna Ortega Is Straight, Lesbian, or Gay; Her On-Screen Roles and Secret Private Affairs Have Led Viewers to Question Her Sexuality!

Jenna Ortega’s (@jennaortega) sexual orientation has been trending, and it’s still unsure if she is straight or not. She has never opened up about her sexual orientation as of 2022. Although she has dealt with LGBT rumors, she doesn’t seem particularly eager to answer or refute them.

Her role as Vada Cavell in The Fallout contributed to the rumors that she is a lesbian. In the movie, a shooting at the school is avoided by Vada and Mia, a popular student. They become close friends and confidantes after the shooting and use drugs and alcohol to numb their feelings. In the midst of one of their drinking sessions, the two finally share a kiss and some sexual activity.

Wednesday’s fans claim that Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair, her roommate, have romantic affection for one another. They have interpreted the extended hugs and quizzical looks as signs of LGBT emotions. The two are traveling on the Wenclair ship. According to rumors, Netflix doesn’t tolerate fan theories regarding roommates. It has been accused of deleting comments that make it seem like Addams is a lesbian. Interestingly, Netflix promoted the show by having a party at which drag queens donned Wednesday Addams garb.

Jenna referred to her co-star Gwendoline Christie (@gwendolineuniverse) as her wife which increased the rumors, in an interview with TV Insider. Jenna remarked;

I cherish you. I apologize if it comes across as disrespectful, but that is the name I give her. since she is my wife. I apologize. as I gaze at you. I become. In my heart, I get it.

Jenna Ortega does not appear to be dating anyone right now, fueling speculation that she is not straight. Furthermore, even though she hasn’t been seen in public with any boys, this may be how it spread. Despite having connections to numerous men When Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande joined Jenna and Asha at Just Jared’s annual Halloween party, it was assumed that they were dating.

After the two were spotted together in New York, Jenna Ortega was also associated with Jacob Sartorius. According to reports, the two were in New York City filming the Chapstick music video for Jacob’s single. The two never really dated. Also, the allegations intensified When Jenna referred to her television character as a gay icon, Gayety spoke with her, and she explained:

I believe she is a badass. She’s cool; she wears good clothes, but she celebrates her individuality and isn’t trying to win anyone over. That strikes me as being a compelling thing to witness. I believe that people prefer to see strong women paired with other strong women.

However, let’s not jump to the conclusion until she confirms that she is straight, lesbian, or gay.

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