Did Mark Wahlberg Gain Weight for Father Stu? Mark Wahlberg Discusses His Bizarre Weight Gain Transformation!

Completely metamorphosizing for his role as Father Stuart Long in his new movie Father Stu, fans can’t help but ask, ‘Did Mark Wahlberg gain weight for Father Stu?’ If so, ‘How much weight did Mark Wahlberg gain for Father Stu?’ 51, and still rocking every look since he was young, whether is ripped or fat since he was young, Mark’s transformation shocked many. Revealing his experiences on his Instagram, fans are more curious to know the details of the actor’s weight gain.

A man of many talents, Mark Wahlberg is not just an actor but also a producer, businessman, and former rapper. Making his mark with movies like The Perfect StormPlanet of the Apes, and The Italian Job, numerous honors have been bestowed upon Wahlberg, including a BAFTA Award and nominations for two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, nine Primetime Emmy Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards.

With his latest movie Father Stu, the limelight is shining upon Mark Wahlberg. Appearing in a changed look for his role as Father Stuart Long, fans are curious to know did Mark Wahlberg gain weight for Father Stu, and if so how much weight did Mark Whalberg gain for Father Stu. Thus, here are all the answers to your questions!

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Did Mark Wahlberg Gain Weight for Father Stu: Mark Wahlberg Opens Up About His Insane Transformation!

Seen as one of the most recent actors to alter his physique for a role, Mark Wahlberg‘s weight gain is all that’s been discussed. With questions ranging from why, how much, and more, fans want to take a deeper dive into Mark Wahlberg’s transformation story.

Answering the first question,’ Did Mark Wahlberg gain weight for Father Stu?’, Mark indeed gain weight for his role in Father Stu. Having to portray the lead character, it was necessary for Mark to achieve quite the amount of weight to be able to do justice to that character.

Next on the list, ‘How much weight did Mark Wahlberg gain for Father Stu?’, he put on 30 pounds.  To play Stuart Long near the end of his life when he was suffering from the uncommon autoimmune disease inclusion body myositis, Mark Wahlberg’s transformation and dedication blew many minds.

Nominated for an Oscar for his role as a boxer-turned-priest, the weight gain transformation, however, wasn’t all that easy.

“The weight gain was bad,” Mark revealed during an interview with Insider. “It isn’t something I would want to jump at doing again,” he said emphasizing the toll the weight gain took on him.

The actor began a two-week diet that consisted of 7,000 calories each day in order to acquire weight. Then he increased his intake to 11,000 calories per day during the past four weeks.

According to Wahlberg, he put on weight by consuming a lot of protein-rich foods. To start the morning, he stated, he consumed a dozen eggs, a dozen pieces of bacon, two bowls of white rice, and a cup of olive oil. A porterhouse steak and more eggs went on for his lunch. The star revealed that the mentioned meal is consumed for seven to eight meals each day.

Mark also disclosed that to obtain that bloated appearance, there are a lot of carbs and sodium added toward the end.

Although Wahlberg acknowledged that weight gain was only one component of the performance, he thought it was the only way to convey to the audience how much Long had changed towards the end of his life.

In reference to the well-known Martin Scorsese film Raging Bull, in which star Robert De Niro put on weight to portray a boxer past his prime, Wahlberg stated, “This was so much more essential than simply doing the actor Raging Bull thing.”

Talking about the weight gain with respect to the character’s physiques, Mark clarified that the physical aspect of Stu was the foundation of everything. He exclaimed how it was astonishing to see him lose that while spiritually gaining the strength of a thousand men.

The actor revealed that he took the decision to undergo such change and gain weight as he wanted the audience to observe and comprehend Stuart Long’s journey.

Wahlberg told EW about how he prepared himself for all the weight gain transformation, he said,

I do prefer having to prepare physically as well as psychologically. Always strive towards that. You essentially say, “Okay, I have this movie coming up in three, four, or five months, depending on how much time I have to prepare.” I’ll get going now. And I start to get a little bit obsessed with it.

In May 2021, Wahlberg posted pictures of his experiences before and after on his Instagram shocking the fans. Later, on The Tonight Show the following July, he and Jimmy Fallon discussed his hard transformation. He said,

Even when you’re full, I would wake up after a meal and have another mea. I was eating every three hours. It was not fun.

Mark Wahlberg on Father Stu: Self-Funding the Movie Himself, Wahlberg Says He Is Willing to Bet on Himself!

Father Stu, in which Mark Wahlberg plays the lead, premiered in theaters on April 13. The film is based on the real-life experiences of Long, who underwent a dramatic conversion and then struggled with illness before passing away at the age of 50 in 2014.

Wahlberg plays Stuart Long, a bad-boy amateur boxer whose career is destroyed by an accident, in the newest film from filmmaker and writer Rosalind Ross. He eventually falls in love with a Catholic Sunday school teacher after relocating to Los Angeles in search of fame. He abandons his agnostic beliefs and decides to become a priest as a result of his blossoming affection and the aftermath of a tragic motorbike accident.

Wahlberg previously told Insider that he spent “millions and millions of dollars” of his own money to largely self-fund Father Stu because no other financial backer would embark on the project.

The movie is much more than just an acting engagement for Wahlberg. Wahlberg claimed that his co-star Mel Gibson, who contributed over $30 million of his own money to the production of The Passion of the Christ served as some of his inspiration.

When asked about his thoughts on self-funding the movie, in an interview with Variety, Mark Wahlberg said:

Well, I’m always willing to bet on myself.

As per the reviews on the movie, Father Stu is more akin to Diary of a Country Cutup than any standard Hollywood religious trip. Although it is a remarkably serious film about religion, it is all too frequently dramatically undernourished.

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