Who Is Adriel in Warrior Nun? Is He a Demon or an Angel?

Adriel from Warrior Nun is a demon who stole the halo. He was thought to be an angel, but he has the ideal environment to launch his nefarious scheme: a society where religion and the Catholic Church are in charge. Adriel is played by actor William Miller. The Bible has multiple references to the name Adriel. The son of Barzillai the Meholathite is the connection, not the angel.

The Netflix original series Warrior Nun, produced by Simon Barry, centers on quadriplegic adolescent orphan Ava Silva, who awakens in a morgue with a new lease on life and supernatural abilities. She learns of her allegiance to the venerable Order of the Cruciform Sword, which has been battling evil spirits on Earth.

Ava must make her way through the moors of a fantasy land while being caught between forces of good and evil. The fantasy drama series has had one season since its debut in July 2020, and both fans and critics have praised it.

Based on Ben Dunn’s comic book character, the program has been able to win over critics by fusing timely questions with spectacular action and absurd imagination in equal measure. The first season’s dramatic and nerve-wracking finale left fans eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite Warrior Nun.

The second season of the occult Netflix series Warrior Nun has been made available. Warrior Nun Season 2 continues the intricate and sinister previous season’s finale by telling the tale of Adriel and the Warrior Nun. Halo lives up to the majority of people’s expectations.

Adriel is believed to be a legendary angel who descended to earth from heaven to aid Areala, a dying soldier. He handed her his halo, giving her powers beyond comprehension. Adriel, however, gave up his immorality by giving her extraterrestrial abilities, and according to mythology, he passed away from old age. But Adriel’s true personality and background are revealed by the first season’s finale. So let’s find out who Adriel is.

Adriel, From Netflix’s Warrior Nun, Who Was Mistaken for an Angel, Is a Demon Who Stole the Halo!

Although Adriel was mistaken for an angel, he is a demon who stole the halo. He was also evading the Tarask, who was attempting to get back the halo. Adriel is played by actor William Miller (@williammilleractor).

The Bible has multiple references to the name Adriel. The son of Barzillai the Meholathite is the connection, not the angel. Scripture only mentions Adriel, the Angel of Death, in passages like 1 Samuel 18:19 and 2 Samuel 21:8.

Towards the end of the series, a flashback reveals everything that has been kept a secret from the protagonists. Adriel is revealed to Ava to be a demon, not an angel. In essence, he happened to be nearby when Areala was killed and took advantage of the chance to save her to earn the trust of the Knights Templar. He battled a Terask and used its skeleton to create armor, a sword, and a shield. Therefore, rather than teaching the world about his true nature, the Church hid him behind a tomb.

As the plot of the first season develops, Ava and the major characters discover Adriel’s underground grave. To permanently halt the demons from entering Earth, they intend to locate his bones and destroy them. Adriel nearly convinced Ava to return the halo by fabricating a story about what had happened to him.

When Ava finally wakes up, she confronts Adriel about his fabrications, and he tries to forcibly take off the halo. He escapes from his tomb and commands wraith demons to take up residence in nearby people. Mary makes a self-sacrifice as the OCS and the Warrior Nun prepare to battle Adriel.

Even though Ava was fighting Lilith and Adriel by herself, she was still able to use the Cruciform Sword to spectacularly hurt both of them. When Beatice arrived on the scene, the Warrior Nun had already detonated the Divinium bomb, and she was unable to stop her, leaving Ava terminally wounded by Divinium shrapnel, mirroring how Sister Shannon had sacrificed herself so that Ava could receive the Halo.

However, the divinium bomb failed, allowing Adriel and Lilith to recover quickly. Ava, however, discovered the Tarasks’ true purpose as gatekeepers while she was in Reya’s realm, and she used the Halo to call the creatures. Before the Tarasks could assault Ava and Beatrice, they swarmed and destroyed Adriel.

Michael’s death was a letdown because Lilith killed him brutally and fast. Michael, however, was always aware that he was a pawn in a game between celestial powers, and he had little expectation of surviving the decisive conflict with Adriel. Michael was a genuine, breathing example of self-sacrifice, and he was aware that his sole job was to deliver the Divinium bomb while also taking his own life.

Although Michael died on Earth, he promised his mother Julian that he would live in Reya’s domain. Season 3 of Warrior Nun may see Michael return, although it is uncertain whether he will ever be able to visit his mother on Earth again.

Warrior Nun is currently streaming on Netflix.

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