Is Warrior Nun a Gay Show? Does Beatrice Open Up About Her Orientation?

In the show Warrior Nun, they could have had the opportunity to explore some gay characters in further detail, but unfortunately, they did not. As per sources, Beatrice comes out as gay, but the lack of clarity on Beatrice’s sexual orientation does both the character and the audience a disservice by leaving the character’s queer disclosure unclear.

The Netflix series Warrior Nun, about a young nun raised from the dead and given superpowers by an angel’s halo to fight the forces of evil (yes, really), had its debut back in 2020. On November 10th, the second season debuted, and it is considerably more self-assured.

The most common fiction device is the hero’s journey. Nevertheless, it is still a piece of narrative art that engages us on numerous levels. Another such story of an unexpected hero who ultimately overcomes all barriers to establish herself can be found in Warrior Nun.

And despite how cliche it may appear, the show’s modern take on the motif, its timely turns, and its breathtaking world-building nearly put it on par with other comparable classics that we will never grow weary of. The religious underpinning is initially established in the comic book adaptation before being mixed with exciting action and interesting supernatural components.

The narrative centers on an orphan named Ava Silva (Alba Baptista), who learns she possesses magical abilities and joins a group of strong nuns who battle demons. Warrior Nun is weighed down, and viewers question if it is a connected gay show and if anyone turns out to be gay, even though it occasionally exceeds your expectations.

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The Show Warrior Nun Could Have Had the Opportunity to Explore Some Gay Characters as Beatrice Opens Up About Her Sexual Orientation but Unfortunately, the Show Disappointed!

The show, Warrior Nun, isn’t specifically marketed to those in the LGBTQ community, and the gay characters aren’t even given any attention in the trailer. The audience was never intended to be misled by this trailer. The relationship between JC and Ava (Alba Baptista) (@alba.baptista) was described as awful, straight flirtation, and it didn’t accomplish anything to make Warrior Nun more openly gay.

The Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCS), a secretive group of accomplished nuns inside the Catholic Church that battles demons on earth, is where The Warrior Nun belongs. When an angel’s halo is implanted into the body of the selected one in the program, the nickname is handed down to the following warrior nun.

In The Warrior Nun, Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri Young) (@kristina_tonteriyoung) is a lesbian character. In episode one of the first season, Beatrice reveals to Ava that she is different and claims that,

Others have attempted to make me into someone that I have not been my whole life.

The show’s creator and writers have acknowledged Beatrice’s love for Ava. The question of whether Ava feels the same way about her is still unanswered. In the story, Sister Melanie kills a roomful of Nazis in a fit of rage before transcending her fear and rage and allowing the halo to release an enormous amount of power. The line,

I felt unbound, from Melanie’s account of the experience, Unburdened. I felt like myself again at last.

This particularly affects Beatrice. We could tell from seeing Kristina Tonteri-Young’s performance that Beatrice relates to Sister Melanie. Beatrice cries as she tells Ava in a later moment that she is different, that she tried to be normal, and that her pain led her to become a nun. She tries to confront Ava about being gay, but she never comes out. The lack of clarity on Beatrice’s sexual orientation does both the character and the audience a disservice by leaving the character’s queer disclosure unclear.

That is not to suggest that the news stories are not significant. They are significant. And given the way the uber-religious treat LGBTQ+ people, if even one person could identify with Beatrice, then it was worth it. It simply seemed weird and inappropriate.

Ava and Beatrice were spending time together while attempting to decipher the contents of the Warrior Nun book and the obstacles in Ava’s life. The audience enjoyed that she quickly became personal. However, the confession appeared out of nowhere and was never mentioned again. We queer people are more than this confession.

There is no certainty, though, that Ava was exposed to a lot of LGBTQ-positive media while living in the orphanage. She might not want to discuss her desire for women with nuns if they knew about it because of how awful Sister Frances was in general.

Nuns are Catholic, which makes it difficult for them to be out and proud LGBTQ+ people. Warrior Nun refers to this, and a second season could have the opportunity to explore some gay characters in further detail.

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