Toya Turner Leaves Warrior Nun in Season 2: Will Mary Return in Season 3?

Toya Turner from Netflix’s Warrior Nun had to leave Season 2 of the show due to her personal obligations. Meanwhile, people believe her character, Shotgun Mary, could still be alive and return in season 3; after all, the show never showed her dead body, and her fate is based on rumors spread by characters such as Father Vincent, who was still working for Adriel at the time.

Warrior Nun, a Netflix original series created by Simon Barry follows 19-year-old Ava Silva, an orphan teenager with quadriplegia who wakes up in a morgue with a revitalized life and divinity-ordained powers. She learns of her dedication to the ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword, which has been fighting malevolent spirits on Earth for centuries.

Season 1 ended with Father Vincent summoning the evil Adriel, who was thought to be an angel but was revealed to be something far more devilish and sinister. In the final battle, Adriel summoned clouds of wraith demons that possessed the surrounding crowd.

Warrior Nun Season 2 is now available on Netflix, and fans are more invested than ever in the fantasy drama series. When it comes to drama, Season 2 has plenty of it. Viewers can expect the same number of demonic possessions and division weapons as before.

There is, however, a scarcity of Toya Turner‘s incredible Sister Mary (aka Shotgun Mary) from Season 1. Shotgun Mary was an important part of the Season 1 arc, but she’s gone in Season 2. Naturally, people are curious as to why Toya left the series. Here’s what we know so far!

According to Simon Davis, the Creator of Warrior Nun, Toya Turner Had to Leave the Season 2 Because of Personal Reasons: Will Mary Return in Season 3?

At the end of Season 1, we see Toya Turner (@iamtoyat) as Shotgun Mary being swarmed by people controlled by the demon Adriel. When Season 2 begins, we learn that Mary is “gone,” and that she was no match for Adriel’s demonic followers. The announcement of her death and, leaving the show was so abrupt that viewers are left wondering what happened behind the scenes.

However, Showrunner Simon Davis Barry revealed to Screen Rant that the original plan was for Shotgun Mary to return in Season 2. Unfortunately, Toya Turner dropped out of the production, making Mary’s return impossible. He stated,

Unfortunately, at the beginning of Season 2’s filming, Toya had to leave the show for personal reasons. We had to very quickly retool the show to accommodate that. […] It was a very challenging puzzle. But we figured it out in a way that I believe honors Shotgun Mary’s character while also establishing the new characters introduced in Season 2. I’m hoping it goes well. Isn’t it always awkward when things don’t go as planned? We did not plan this, but we had to sort of adjust on the fly.

Shotgun Mary does not appear to be returning at all, even with a new actor in the role. Simon continued, “We didn’t want to recast her because I think she’s too iconic. What we had to do was figure out a way to tie in what happened at the end of Season 1 that wasn’t too clunky or slapped on.”

Shotgun Mary’s absence from Warrior Nun season 2 was certainly disappointing, given how important she was in season 1. Toya Turner transformed Mary into a fan favorite who was frequently the grounded voice of reason for her Sister Warriors.

However, there have been reports of Shotgun Mary’s death that could have been greatly exaggerated. After all, Warrior Nun never showed Mary’s body, and her fate is based on hearsay from characters like Father Vincent (Tristán Ulloa), who was still serving Adriel at the time. Mary could still be alive, and she could have been taken to Adriel’s realm at the end of Season 1 of Warrior Nun.

There are other ways for Toya Turner to return as Shotgun Mary in Warrior Nun season 3. Mary, who helped Lilith see reason after her transformation in Warrior Nun season 1, could be just as important to Lilith in season 3. Mary is also the best person to judge whether Father Vincent truly deserves to be forgiven for betraying the OCS for Adriel.

Warrior Nun’s renewal is currently in the hands of Netflix, but hopefully, Toya Turner’s personal issues have been resolved so that Shotgun Mary can return if Warrior Nun season 3 occurs.

Warrior Nun Season 2: Michael Died, but He Lives on in Adriel’s Realm!

Michael’s death was unceremonious, as Lilith murdered him quickly. But Michael was always aware that he was merely a pawn in a game between celestial powers, and he had no expectation of surviving the final battle with Adriel.

Michael was a living, breathing symbol of self-sacrifice, and he knew his only purpose and destiny was to deliver the Divinium bomb and perish in the process. Michael, on the other hand, may be dead on Earth, but he told his mother, Julian, that a part of him would live on in Reya‘s realm. Michael could return in Warrior Nun season 3, but it’s unclear whether he’ll ever be able to return to Earth and see his mother again.

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