Does Jack the Ripper Win in Record of Ragnarok? Does He Beat Heracles?

Jan 31, 2023 @ 6:27 GMT-0500
Does Jack the Ripper Win in Record of Ragnarok? Does He Beat Heracles?

Yes, Jack the Ripper indeed win in Netflix's Record of Ragnarok. The infamously uncatchable serial killer beats Heracles in the lengthy battle as he misleads the demigod about his actual Divine Weapon.

Japanese anime and related fields (like manga and light novels) have always been purposefully outlandish. If anything is dialed up to eleven in regular fiction, anime often dials it up to one hundred and eleven. And that is especially true for Netflix original shows like Record of Ragnarok or Shuumatsu no Walküre.

In the anime series, which is based on the manga series of the same name by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and illustrated by Ajichika, legendary human champions compete against the gods to determine if mankind should be wiped for their crimes against the world. Three of the 13 duels have already been conducted by the time the first season comes to an end, and the gods were winning with two victories and one defeat.

And since the second season of the show has finally arrived on the streaming platform, we get to witness more interesting fights between the humans and gods. One such fight is Jack the Ripper vs Heracles. Similarly, many viewers wonder if Jack the Ripper wins the fight. Well, let's find it out.

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Yes, Jack the Ripper Wins in Record of Ragnarok: He Defeats Heracles in the Epic & Longer Battle!

In Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok, Jack the Ripper from the human side wins as he beats the demigod, Heracles, after one of the competition's toughest and longer battles. The victory is not without its challenges, however, since the battle involved cunning and betrayal and came to a sad conclusion that left both camps in the arena in grief.

Jack plays to his crafty talents and utilizes the city's architecture and his skill in trickery to kite the towering Heracles at every turn as the arena transforms into Victorian-era London. As the two land blows, Jack misleads his opponent by making up many different stories about his actual Divine Weapon. He first claims it is his scissors, then claims it is his pouch, and lastly says it is his gloves, which give whatever he touches Divine Weapon-hood. These gloves are the result of his Volundr with the Valkyrie Hlokk.

Jack uses his final strategy as the two wounded and beaten fighters square up for one more time, getting in just close enough to drive his blood-soaked hands into Heracles' chest as a fatal blow.

Heracles, whose heart has always been with humanity, nevertheless wants the mortal race to win over the gods. Before vanishing in defeat, he even managed to muster the compassion to hug Jack. Those who have already watched the battle know how emotional the end of the battle was. Since you now have your answer, let's get to know more about Jack in detail.

Jack, in comparison to many of his human fighters, was really born with a somewhat special talent. People who pay attention to details could detect Jack's heterochromia. His eyes are various shades of color. This is due to the fact that one of his eyes had the internal drive to see into people's hearts and read their genuine feelings and intentions, which played a significant role in the victim selection process and his escape from the London police.

Additionally, Jack is an expert at using the hostile urban environments of the arena and London's harsh streets to his advantage. He uses a wide variety of weapons, including smashed doors, piano wire, and knives, which are his specialty. His trusted weapon-generating bag, which can summon any battle gear that can fit inside of it, supports this. His divine weapon also consists of a pair of gloves that transform everything he touches into something that may harm deities. Jack can convert any object into a lethal weapon when wearing these gloves, yet without them, he couldn't even scratch Heracles.

Jack the Ripper drove Heracles to the brink by using these skills and the surroundings to his advantage. The deity of Fortitude, however, battled valiantly back, making the final contest close. But Jack only managed to outwit the deity long enough to deliver the decisive strike.

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