G Herbo’s Teeth: Know the Reason Behind His Crooked Teeth!

Although G Herbo has not revealed the real reason behind his crooked teeth, some suspect it was due to the high use of drugs. Well, here’s our take on his crooked teeth.

Herbert Randall Wright III, commonly known as G Herbo (previously Lil Herb), is a Chicago-based American rapper signed to Machine Entertainment Group. Furthermore, he has released several mixtapes such as Welcome to Fazoland, Pistol P Project, Ballin Like I’m Kobe, and Strictly 4 My Fans.

Likely, his debut album, Humble Beast, was published in 2017, and it was followed by Swervo, a joint album with the producer, Southside, and his first major-label release on Epic Records. Later, his third studio album, PTSD, debuted in the top ten on the Billboard 200, as did his fourth and fifth albums, 25 and Survivor’s Remorse.

However, G Herbo has received a lot of criticism over the years, especially due to his damaged teeth, along with praise and acceptance. But his teeth lately seemed fixed compared to before. As a result, many people are curious to know what he really did with his damaged teeth. Well, here’s what we’ve discovered.

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G Herbo’s Crooked Teeth Have Been a Hot Topic Among Many Fans!

Over the course of the year, G Herbo (@nolimitherbo) has been the subject of relentless mocking and bullying from fans, the majority of whom make fun of his appearance and body-shame him about his teeth. That’s right, he doesn’t appear to have the best and brightest teeth. They are also not particularly straight. And many people will argue that he doesn’t have an appealing and attractive smile because he doesn’t.

The reason behind G Herbo's crooked teeth is yet to be known. celebsindepth.comThe reason behind G Herbo’s crooked teeth is yet to be known.
Image Source: Bossip

However, comparing G Herbo’s before and after images reveals a clear difference in his teeth. As a result, many people believe he tried veneers to fix his crooked teeth. For your information, veneers are thin porcelain shells that are created to fit over the front of teeth. These dental prostheses enhance the appearance of teeth by correcting faults like discoloration, chipping, gaps, and misalignment.

According to the sources, most of G Herbo’s teeth have already fallen out. So,  some speculate that he may be an addict and that his teeth were primarily broken as a result of his heavy drug usage, particularly meth (Methamphetamine), an addictive stimulant that affects decision-making processes, making it harder for meth users to quit.

Friends and relatives are generally the ones who seek treatment options since they can see the drug’s physical and mental effects. Meth is very harmful to teeth, resulting in a condition known as meth mouth. Unfortunately, the meth-tooth connection is irreversible.

However, G Herbo has yet not disclosed anything about his damaged teeth. The rapper stayed silent when asking about his teeth. So, all of the above rumors are based on speculation. Well, we’ll be back soon if we gain more information about his broken teeth.

G Herbo and Southside Recently Got a Little Rowdy on Funny Marco’s Show!

The two longtime collaborators, G Herbo and Southside are the most recent guests on Marco‘s YouTube show, Open Thoughts, and they spent the entire hour trolling the comic. They also appear to have broken Marco’s $30,000 watch.

G Herbo and Southside went viral after appearing in Marco's YouTube show, Open Thoughts. celebsindepth.comG Herbo and Southside went viral after appearing in Marco’s YouTube show, Open Thoughts.
Image Source: iHeart

A sequence from the episode that was cut shows what appears to be a watch slipping across the floor and breaking into pieces. Someone hands it back to Southside, and he drops it once more. Later, Marco spoke on it in a Facebook comment, responding to a follower:

Naw, they broke my 30k watch and calling me a bitch,” he wrote. “I don’t talk to people like that, but this post not for the people like [you] that don’t really watch me. I understand. I get fans—this post for them.

In the previous several days, Marco’s interaction with Herb and Southside has gone viral, with some fans criticizing the two musicians’ behavior. But he has also responded to the criticism on his Facebook page, stating,

I understand a lot of y’all mad about the interview. I was upset while it was going on, but I understand I got a job to do and one thing about me, I respect people on my show.” He continued, “I didn’t want to match they energy—it’s so many L’s I took on my journey. I wish I could show I don’t hide anything, so I feel it was only right to put the episode out myself. And just learn from that episode and move on.

Likely, Marco later responded on his Instagram Story: “It’s nothing but respect to both them. We both learn, love, and move on!” Furthermore, in response to the outcry, Southside also responded that Marco wasn’t scared. He continued, “I fuck with Marco. Marco’s still my n***a. Marco’s just funny.”