Does Shiva Lose in Record of Ragnarok? His Full Fight Details!

Shiva didn’t lose; he won the fight in The Record of Ragnarok. Although Shiva eventually made an effort to appear defeated, he eventually accepted the position of the supreme ruler of their pantheon, nonetheless.

Record of Ragnarok, also known as Shuumatsu no Walkure, is an action ONA based on the manga series written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and illustrated by Ajichika. The idea that the gods from different pantheons meet every 1,000 years in the Council of Valhalla to decide the fate of humanity is the central theme of the story. Brunhilde, the first of the 13 Valkyries, persuades the gods to hold Ragnarok, in which 13 gods face 13 human champions to decide the fate of humanity, just before they decide to eradicate mankind because of their crimes against the planet they call home. buddha

After Ragnarok, humanity must decide which of its 13 finest warriors will engage the Gods in a series of one-on-one battles where the survival of the entire species is at stake. In the battle against Raiden Tameemon in Ragnarok’s fifth round, Shiva is the gods’ representative. So does he lose in Netflix‘s Record Ragnarok?

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Shiva Does Not Lose the Fight; In the Ragnarok Record, He Wins!

Shiva didn’t lose The Record of Ragnarok. The founder of the Hindu Pantheon and one of the original Chief Gods, Shiva is renowned as the best grappler among the gods due to his four powerful arms. In the battle against Raiden Tameemon in Ragnarok’s fifth round, Shiva is the gods’ representative.

Various gods and human champions engage in combat in Record of Ragnarok to decide whether humanity should be wiped out or not. There will be a total of 13 matches, and the Ragnarok will be won by the team with the most victories. The gods have two victories before the end of the first season, compared to the mortals’ single triumph. In season 2, Hercules, also known as Heracles, competes against Shiva in the fifth match, while Raiden Tameemon, a legendary rikishi or Sumo wrestler, battles Jack the Ripper in the fourth match. Shiva and Jack each prevail in their respective matches.

Shiva is initially easygoing and cocky about his status, but when things don’t go his way, he turns angry and haughty. He also has a reputation for grinning throughout fights, with Agni remarking that he doesn’t understand the true concept of restraint. Shiva is the most violent and powerful god of destruction in all of heaven. All of the other Hindu gods, including Rudra, the second-strongest god in the Hindu pantheon, were vanquished by him.

Shiva used to be much lazier and more laid-back. He followed his best friend Rudra in almost all of his serious endeavors, even though he preferred to sleep and dance so much that he aspired to become a God of Dancing. He did, however, mention that he always enjoys being with Rudra, so he is okay going after him.

He displays a great deal of compassion for Rudra after the two of them have successfully reached the summit of Svarga. He tries to divert attention from the conflict by pleading with Rudra to give up so that he won’t have to hurt him any further. Shiva eventually made an effort to appear defeated to put an end to the conflict and give Rudra the satisfaction of realizing his wish. He eventually accepted the position of the supreme ruler of their pantheon, nevertheless, Rudra chastised him for not giving it his all and forced him to acknowledge that he truly reached Svarga’s summit.

Zeus communicates with Buddha after Shiva’s victory/ shiva’s win, telling him that, while initially, his plans called for the Eastern god to compete in a later match, he now prefers that Buddha go first. Buddha first ignores him, appearing as sullen and rebellious as usual. He ultimately decides to compete in the following battle, though.

The arena is the setting for the post-credits scene. Heimdall starts by noting that the gods currently have three victories to the mortals’ two, according to the current standings. He declares that the person who guides humanity away from carnal impulses will be the next heavenly warrior. The Norse god observes the irony of Buddha now having to take responsibility for humanity’s destruction.

The gates open, and the Six Realms Staff, the Buddha’s enormous prayer wheel, emerges. He gently moves to Heimdall’s opposite side in the arena to indicate that he will battle for the humans. He snatches Heimdall’s horn and threatens to murder any gods who attempt to stop him from protecting humans if the gods do not defend them.

The fight is originally between Buddha and Bishamonten, the Shinto god of war and fights and one of the Seven Lucky Gods, according to the original manga the anime is based on. The scene stops there, setting up the following fight.

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