Did Buddha Win in Record of Ragnarok? Who Does He Fight With?

Buddha did win the fight despite once betraying god’s side. As seen in The Record of Ragnarok, Season 2, Part 2, Buddha fights Zerofuku in Round 6 of the tournament. By punching Zerofuku to the ground, he defeats him. He did this by siding with humanity instead of the gods, much to the dismay of the gods.

Japanese anime and related fields (like manga and light novels) have always been purposefully absurd. Anime typically dials something up to a hundred and eleven if ordinary literature turns it up to eleven. And that is especially true for Netflix original shows like Record of Ragnarok or Shuumatsu no Walkure. In Record of Ragnarok, which is based on the manga series of the same name by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and illustrated by Ajichika, legendary human champions compete against the gods to determine if humans should be exterminated for their crimes against the world.

As a result of their presence on the planet, many species are now in danger of going extinct every year, endangering the very existence of all other forms of life. The gods already voted to spare humanity for an additional thousand years at the previous Valhalla Council. This time around, that is not the case. To atone for the millennia of wickedness committed by humanity, human representatives battle divine representatives in television series.  It’s a fantastic action show with stunning animation and a few instantly recognizable characters.

Buddha was represented in the Record of Ragnarok in a very distinctive way. What do we know about the foes Buddha faces in the Ragnarok Record, though? Who did he fight with? did he win? Let us get into detail.

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Yes, Buddha Won the Fight Against Zerofuku in the Ragnarok Record!

In Round 6, Buddha faces off against Zerofuku, as seen in The Record of Ragnarok, Season 2, Part 2. He wins Zerofuku by punching him unconscious. This happened when he turned against the gods, siding with humans, much to the chagrin of the gods.

In Record of Ragnarok season two episode 10 (The Brink),  which is shown in the post-credits scene, the announcer introduces Buddha as the Gods’ envoy in round six. But the self-assured God chooses to cross the arena and take a position supporting humanity. So, does he win?

Because the Buddha in The Record of Ragnarok isn’t the same kind of serene man as he is frequently portrayed in history, his portrayal in the game is extremely different. Buddha was the only one with the insight to see that he had to support humanity in the struggle against the gods; therefore, he was still considered to be the most enlightened person in the Book of Ragnarok. After Shiva defeated Raiden Tameemon, Brunhilde went back to her quarters in the arena and paid tribute to her fallen soldier.

In front of Goll, Brunhilde clenched her fists so tightly that blood trickled down her arm; she collapsed in despair and sobbed. Brunhilde seemed to care nothing for Raiden. While Buddha is eating a basket of chocolate treats under a huge tree, Zeus visits him. After declining to share his chocolate with the Greek God ruler, the man asks Buddha if he would be open to participating in the next round, assuming that it would be on the side of the Gods.

Goll is in the arena looking for bandages to wrap around Brunhilde’s hand when she accidentally overhears a conversation between the Seven Gods of Fortune. Sadly, Goll is soon discovered by the Gods and is about to be threatened when Jack the Ripper appears and offers the group some tea.

Buddha, like Hercules and Brunhilde, decides he doesn’t want to see humankind destroyed, so he leaves the side of the gods and joins humans. Before achieving enlightenment and rising to the status of God, Buddha was a prominent Nepalese philosopher by the name of Gautama Siddhartha. Buddha, who was already a deity at the beginning of Ragnarok, has a strong dislike for gods, especially those he believes are not deserving of complete respect, as evidenced by his confrontations with Loki and the Seven Gods of Fortune.

Due to Jack the Ripper’s triumph over Hercules in round four, humanity and the other team tied the score at 2-2. This put the gods in a difficult situation because Loki was intrigued by the strength the Valkyries were able to bestow on the people. Even though the Valkyries are powerful, their strength does not come close to that of the gods.

Despite this, Buddha used his own Volundr to defeat Zerofuku and Hajun to tie the tournament with three victories each. In round 6 of the competition, when Buddha proclaimed himself the victor of humanity, he had already betrayed the gods by teaching the Valkyries how to utilize Volundr. His treason was sparked by his past as a human and his dislike of how the other gods were behaving.

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