Kate Gerwin From Drink Masters: Renowned for Her Tattoos, the Bartender Owns Happy Accidents Bar in Albuquerque!

Kate Gerwin is one of the cast members of Netflix’s new competition show, Drink Masters season 1. The California native advanced to the final round and finished as the second runner-up. The bartender has also established her own The Happy Accidents Bar in Albuquerque. Additionally, she is well renowned because of her body full of tattoos.

Netflix‘s Drink Masters is perfect for you if you enjoy cocktails and want to learn more about the craft of mixology. The best mixologists and bartenders from across the United States and Canada are gathered for the competition, where they will compete against one another for the ultimate prize.

After each challenge, one contestant is eliminated, but the tasks get harder and harder until only three are left. The winner receives a sizeable cash prize and the title of Drink Master in addition to impressing the judges the most.

On the surface, this competition show appears to be about contestants creating bizarre cocktails to please a panel of spirits and alcohol industry experts. Beyond the competition, however, Drink Masters gives viewers everywhere a look at the astounding showmanship that goes on in some of North America’s hippest cocktail lounges.

Even if you frequently attend stylish speakeasies, you will be in awe of these incredible creations. Only three of the 12 contestants who participated advanced to the final round. Kate Gerwin was one of them.

Likewise, all were impressed by the seasoned mixologist and bartender Kate Gerwin’s assurance and skill. The resident of Albuquerque asserted that she had gone to nearly all of the industry’s competitions, but she also said that she wanted to triumph in order to please her family. Let’s find out more about Kate Gerwin and her journey.

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Kate Gerwin From Drink Masters: The Netflix Cast Owns a Bar Named Happy Accidents in Albuquerque & the Bartender’s Tattoos Are Something Many Viewers Have Been Impressed With!

Kate Gerwin (@alchemistkate), a California native, had what seemed to be a happy childhood. She has always been fairly close to her family and prioritizes family ties above all else. She fell in love with serving drinks as she was growing up and decided to make it her career.

Kate wasted no time in making a name for herself in the industry and is currently a force to be reckoned with thanks to her eagerness to learn and drive to do better.

Since she was from Albuquerque, Kate said that competing against skilled mixologists from cities like New York and Washington, DC, was a dream come true. Opportunities in Albuquerque are few and far between because it is only a tertiary market.

Kate acknowledged that she enjoys winning, and since Drink Masters is the biggest competition available, she was eager to impress those who depended on her. She immediately had an impact on the show thanks to her experience, and she won over the judges with her performance in the first challenge.

Kate, who discovered her love of bartending and mixology at a young age, is now a major player in the industry. The contestant has also participated in other competitions before Drink Masters. In the past, Gerwin faced off against a variety of mixologists from New York and Washington. She also was a candidate for the Tales Spirited Award in the Best New U.S. Cocktail Bar category. Her Instagram account, which has nearly 5,000 followers, is full of pictures of her going about her daily life.

Similarly, Kate appears to be a sneaker and tattoo enthusiast. Her tattoos have gathered the attention of many viewers. Many of them have been a fan of hers just because of her tattoos rather than her bartending skills.

In the reality TV competition series, Gerwin advanced to the final round and finished as the second runner-up. Judges Frankie Salorik and Julie Reiner were most impressed by her bartending experience and confidence. Right after the first challenge, the judges praised Kate Gerwin’s drinks. But as the competition grew more difficult, she began to stumble a little. However, Gerwin quickly recovered with tenacity and beat competitors Lauren Paylor and Tao Zafri to advance to the finals.

Likewise, the Bartender has won the Bols Around The World Bartending Competition, among her other accomplishments. She also made history by becoming the first American female to win an international bartending award. Gerwin continued to work as a GM at HSL Hospitality and Abbott Square Market after she won.

The Happy Accidents Bar is currently owned by Kate Gerwin; it was started by her in 2020. Since opening, her bar has also garnered a number of accolades. She received the Best New US Bar Award and the Albuquerque Journal Readers’ Choice Award in 2022.

In addition to being mentioned in numerous other media outlets, Gerwin was inducted into the Dame Hall of Fame, according to her Instagram bio. Despite all of her successes, she constantly aspires to develop her abilities and get better.

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