Where Is Drink Masters Filmed? The Show’s Filming Location in Canada Explored!

Drink Masters is filmed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Despite premiering on Netflix in 2022, the primary filming for the reality show’s first season began in October 2021 and appeared to conclude in November of the same year. To find the finest mixologist and bartender in North America, Netflix’s Drink Masters pulls together top industry talent before pitting them against one another for the coveted title.

Netflix‘s Drink Masters brings together top industry talent before pushing them against one another for the coveted title in pursuit of the best mixologist and bartender in North America. Twelve accomplished and top-notch mixologists from all over the world are featured in the Netflix reality TV series Drink Masters, which was created by Tim Warren and Matthew Hornburg.

Julie Reiner and Frankie Solarik, those trendy mixologists, must be cutting-edge in addition to instilling, combining, and mixing various more or less alcoholic beverages to prove their cocktail-crafting skills to the courts. The candidates are ranked using a series of different blended drink tests to win the title of the Final Drink Grasp and a cash reward of $100,000.

There is no room for error because the bottom contender gets eliminated at the end of each episode, which pits each competitor against the other in a series of progressively challenging challenges. The top three contestants then square off in the grand finale for a monetary award and the title of Drink Master.

The Netflix reality series uses a concept that is well-known from previous reality shows but adds a novel element with cocktails. Serving as the presenter, Tone Bell, a stand-up comedian, adds to how entertaining it is. You may be curious as to where the show is truly filmed, given that it is interiorly shot. So allow us to satisfy your curiosity and fill you in on all the details.

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The City of Hamilton, Ontario, Serves as the Location for “Drink Masters” Filming!

The Drink Masters competition was limited to the top mixologists in North America, and it was filmed in Canada. To take home the trophy, these contenders must defeat Julie Reiner (@mixtressnyc) and Frankie Salorik (@frankiesolarik), two legendary names in the cocktail industry. Tone Bell (@tonebell) is a comedian and actor who will host the reality program.

Filming of Drink Masters takes place in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Filming for the critical scenes of Drink Masters takes place in Hamilton, a port city in the Canadian province of Ontario. To be more precise, the production crew makes use of a sizable sound stage with nine cameras set up on two long bars; chandeliers; bar stools; velvet textiles; a large number of shelves of bottled spirits; and a whole kitchen where the participants gather all of their components.

The HMCS Haida National Historic Site, the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, and the Cathedral of Christ the King are just a few of the tourist attractions in Hamilton, which is located in Southern Ontario at the western tip of the Niagara Peninsula. In addition to visitors, a lot of filmmakers also travel to the port city for filming.

Hamilton has acted as the presenter for numerous film and television productions over the years. Nightmare Alley, The Shape of Water, The Incredible Hulk, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Umbrella Academy are a few of the prominent ones. The reality show’s first season’s main filming started in October 2021 and appeared to end in November of the same year.

The most populous and second-largest in terms of the total area of Canada is the central province of Ontario. Without further ado, let’s watch as the mixologists square off and compete to be crowned the Ultimate Drink Master! On the surface, this competition show appears to be about contestants creating bizarre concoctions to please a panel of spirits and alcohol industry experts.

Beyond the competition, though, Drink Masters gives viewers everywhere a look at the astounding showmanship that goes on in some of North America’s hippest cocktail bars. Even if you frequently frequent stylish speakeasies, you will be in awe of these incredible constructions.

Along with its swoon-worthy pictures of whimsical pours, this exhibition will offer lots of inspiration if you’re a little bit of a home mixologist. The streaming behemoth’s newest cooking competition program, Drink Masters, has a group of talented mixologists and delivers all the oohs, ahhs, and awe we crave from great reality TV.

However, Drink Masters establishes itself and the trade as being about more than just blending booze and other liquids in a glass very quickly. The culinary art form of mixology is presented, and the contestants blend ingredients, procedures, and presentation styles to produce some genuinely amazing cocktails and in one instance, possibly lethal ones.

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