Loyd Von Rose From Drink Masters: Let’s Explore the Instagram of the Netflix Cast!

Loyd Von Rose, who works as a Beverage Director and Consultant in the Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area, was one of the cast members of Netflix’s Drink Masters. Lloyd, as he is often misspelled by Drink Masters fans, was one of the youngest contestants on the show, however, he got eliminated in episode 8. Follow to know more about Loyd with his Instagram handle (@loydvonrose).

Drink Masters on Netflix is an exciting competitive reality show that seeks to find the best mixologist in the United States and Canada. It brings together some of the industry’s top talent and puts them through a series of increasingly difficult challenges.

Because the competition is fierce, there is no room for error, as one person who fails to meet the benchmark after each challenge is eliminated. Eventually, the season finale features a cash battle between the top three contestants, with each competing for a large cash prize and the coveted title of Drink Master.

The show, which was shot in Canada, chose the best 12 mixologists from North America to compete. To win the title. These contestants must impress two legendary cocktail figures, Frankie Salorik and Julie Reiner along with Tone Bell, the comedian, and actor who also hosts the reality show.

Similarly, Loyd Von Rose, a Montreal resident, appeared to be one of the promising contestants from the start. While Loyd has extensive experience in the field of cocktails and mixology, he enjoys putting his own spin on his creations, which impressed the judges.

Fans are curious to know where Loyd is now that the cameras have been turned away. Don’t worry, because we’re here to help!

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Loyd Von Rose From Drink Masters Season 1: Find the Netflix Cast on Instagram!

Loyd Von Rose (@loydvonrose) who works as a Beverage Director and Consultant in the Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area was one of the cast members of Netflix’s competition show Drink Masters, which premiered on streaming form 28 Oct 2022.

The show has released ten episodes in which twelve talented bartenders demonstrated their diverse approaches to creating inspiring cocktails for the legendary judges to estimate and determine who they believe is the Ultimate Drink Master and the winner of $100,000.

Each episode of Drink Masters features two challenges: a large challenge followed by a competition between the contestants at the bottom to avoid elimination. They’re in a mix-up instead of lip-syncing for their lives. They’re then judged by a two-person panel on taste, appearance, and creativity—the same criteria used for Chopped if “appearance” is replaced with “presentation.”

Loyd was one of the show’s youngest contestants in the show, yet, he seemed overjoyed at the opportunity of competing against the best in the business and his creations were one-of-a-kind, which helped him win several awards on the show. He did not, however, make it to the semi-finals and was eliminated in episode 8.

After the elimination, Loyd is currently based in Montreal, Canada, and has a sizable following on the short video hosting platform TikTok. Likewise, his Instagram account currently has 4531 followers. On the social platform, he shows glimpses of his artwork as well as his vibrant personality. However, he has not yet disclosed anything about his personal life or about his parents.

Loyd had been working as a Mixologist at Von Rose for nearly five years when he left in October 2014. In August 2018, he worked as the Bar Manager at Miss Wong Brasserie Asiatique in Laval, Quebec, Canada and he even helped co-found Bottomless Happiness in 2020, but he now works as the Beverage Director at Park Restaurant in Westmount, Quebec, Canada. Unfortunately, we don’t have more information about him. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get more information about him.

Meet the Judges of Drink Masters!

Frank Solarik

Frankie Solarik (@frankiesolarik) is the author of The Bar Chef: A Modern Approach to Cocktails. Frankie is well-known in the industry and is also a co-owner of the popular Toronto bar BarChef. He has also appeared in several well-known magazines, all as a result of his own efforts.

His feature magazines include the New York Times, National Geographic, the National Post, The Globe and Mail, Imbibe magazine, Sharp magazine, and CNN.

Julie Reiner

Julie Reiner (@mixtressnyc) is another judge on the panel. He is also the co-owner of two world-famous cocktail bars, Clover Club and Leyenda, in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and the author of The Craft Cocktail Party: Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion.

He was also asked to join the team at Beverage Alcohol Resource as a partner after many years in the industry to provide her expert knowledge in mixology, bar processes, and ownership. Reiner has previously served as a judge in a number of competitions.

Tone Bell

JuMichael Anthony Bell II (@tonebell), aka Tone Bell, an actor, and stand-up comedian is the host as well as a judge of the show. Before taking on a production role in Joseph Sargent‘s ‘Warm Springs,’ the Georgia native taught first grade and worked on promotional materials. He then relocated to San Francisco, California, and began working for Swivel Media as a brand manager.

However, Tone Bell relocated to Los Angeles, California, to further his career in the entertainment industry, where he won the 2012 NBC Stand Up For Diversity Talent Search. This landed him a development deal with NBC and paved the way for him to play characters like RJ in Whitney and Tedward Mulray in Bad Judge.

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