Michael Anderson From Drink Masters: Works at Richard Deshantz Restaurant Group in Pittsburgh!

Michael Anderson, the Certified Sommelier and Spirits and Cocktail Specialist has recently been on the highlight after his appearance on Netflix’s Drink Masters. However, he was eliminated from the show in episode 6. As of now, Michael from Drink Masters lives and works as a consultant for the Richard Deshantz Restaurant Group located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Drink Masters, a Netflix reality series combines entertainment and mixology to provide viewers with a one-of-a-kind experience. The show features several mixologists who must impress some of the industry’s most well-known names in order to win the title of Ultimate Drink Master and a $100,000 cash prize.

In each episode, the participants must face a new challenge, and the task winner moves one step closer to victory. However, a single blunder could cost them their place in the competition.

Season 1 of Drink Masters’was a delight to watch because it introduced us to several memorable contestants, including the enthusiastic Loyd von Rose, the perfectionist Lauren Paylor, and Christian Suzuki-Orellana or Suzu, who enjoys expressing his Japanese heritage through his creations which were hosted by actor and comedian Tone Bell, and the judges are cocktail connoisseurs Julie Reiner and Frankie Solarik.

To keep the audience engaged, the show attempts to strike a balance of controversy, levity, and knowledge. While many in the audience have embraced the series’ concept, some viewers are left wondering how authentic the show is.

Likewise, Michael R. Anderson was a fan favorite from the start, as viewers admired his charm and confidence. While the Certified Sommelier and Spirits and Cocktail Specialist wowed the judges and won a challenge with Alex and Kate in episode 4, he ultimately fell short and was eliminated in episode 6. After his elimination, many people have been fascinated by his talent and are interested to know more about him.

Previously, we touched on Loyd.

Michael Anderson From Drink Masters: One of the 12 Contestants of the Netflix Show, Michael Currently Lives and Works as a Consultant for the Richard Deshantz Restaurant Group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Michael R. Anderson (@ice.box_mike) of Avalon appeared in Netflix’s latest competition series, Drink Masters, as one of 12 competing bartenders and mixologists tasked with creating cocktails that are judged on appearance, taste, and creativity while competing for a $100,000 grand prize.

Anderson, who took second place in Heaven Hill Brand’s Bartender of the Year competition in 2017, said he applied for Drink Masters after hearing about it from someone with a connection to the show, which was filmed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in late 2021.

Similarly, he was the one who assisted in the recent opening of the Rib Room inside Downtown Pittsburgh’s Meat & Potatoes restaurant. He has lived in Pittsburgh since 2015, working at several Richard Deshantz Restaurant Group restaurants including Butcher and the Rye, Pork & Beans, Poulet Bleu, Fish Nor Fowl, and Sally Ann’s.

The DeShantz Group’s restaurant history is linked to the development of Pittsburgh’s restaurant scene over the last 15 years. Each DeShantz restaurant is a staple in the food scene and has influenced other restaurants in the area. By focusing on farm fresh ingredients, creatively themed concepts, and pushing boundaries, The DeShantz Group continues to bring creativity and innovation to Pittsburgh.

Anderson stated in an episode of Drink Masters that the $100,000 would open many doors for him. But he’s not quite ready to open his own restaurant. He explained,

I love the business … but right now I feel like the opportunity to continue to learn, to experience, to continue to evolve and to grow as a person — especially after what we’ve been through as a society for the last three or four years — I still have a lot of leg stretching that I’d like to do. The people who are best-suited for careers behind the bar at a really high level, they have an appreciation and sometimes hands-on experience with working in and around kitchens. I typically find that I create very strong relationships with chefs just because we find some common ground in how we approach our business and how we approach our careers.

Michael Anderson who has over 3000 followers on Instagram is frequently seen showing off his skills as a bartender and sommelier on his Instagram feed with vibrant cocktails. Likewise, we can also see that he likes to have surrounded by his family and enjoy spending time with them.

In 2020, he collaborated with @Bulleit on their social program #tipsfromhome to assist the bar and restaurant community during the global pandemic. At the moment, Michael lives and works as a consultant for the Richard Deshantz Restaurant Group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He works with the Lower Lawrenceville neighborhood’s Bistro Poulet Bleu as part of the consultancy.

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