Elena Heuze Girlfriend: Heart Shot Actress is Dating Her GF Manda Malina in 2022!

Feb 17, 2022 @ 23:55 GMT-0500

Elena Heuze is dating her girlfriend Manda Malina. They have been together for about a year in 2022. Get the details of the Netflix star!

A rising queer androgynous actor, recently introduced in the Marvel cinematic universe in Runaways and as the lead in Netflix's Heart Shot, Elena Heuzé is becoming a known name. Beginning their career through Selena Gomez's Bad Liar music video, Elena is on the hype now due to her much-anticipated role in Netflix's short film. A prominent star in the making, many are curious to know Elena on a deeper level, to be clear about who their girlfriend is!

Born in San Mateo, California, but grew up in the Philippines, Elena moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career as well as study psychology. Since making a debut in the entertainment field in 2017 through the music video, Heuzé has worked in 2018 Russ's The Flute Song in 2018, short movies like In the Clouds, The Kick-Off, Hope, along with roles in Valley Girl and Marvel's Runaways. The star is also a big-time skater and played the role of a skateboarder in one of the movies. Apart from her acting credits very little about the actor is known. So, here's everything we could find about Elena Heuzé's girlfriend.

Elena Heuzé Girlfriend: Dating Singer Manda Malina

elena-heuze-girlfriend-manda-malina-2022Elena Heuze is currently dating her singer girlfriend Manda Malina. They have been together for about one year in 2022.
Image Source: Instagram

A stunning queer androgynous actor thriving in her art, Elena Heuzé is currently dating their singer girlfriend Manda Malina. The queer couple met each other through their shared love for skateboarding and art and have been together since August of 2021.

Scouring through Elena's as well as her girlfriend's socials, the pair made their relationship Insta official on August 2021. Manda took it to her Instagram and posted a picture of the two kissing with the caption, "she’s it ❤️‍?" The couple ever since has been posting pictures of them together showing the world the affection between them.

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Elena's girlfriend Manda Malina identifies herself as queer and uses pronouns she/her. Profession wise she is a singer/ musician. With a huge followers number of 38.6k on her Instagram, she is also a potential influencer. The 27 years old singer recently auditioned for American Idol season 20 and got in as well. Manda took her excitement to her Insta fam and posted a picture of herself on the set of American Idol with the caption, "surprise✨ catch my audition on @americanidol on @abcnetwork in February 2022 to see what @katyperry, @lukebryan, and @lionelrichie had to say and how it went ?? #americanidol #season20" She is soon to begin the show as announced through her premier pictures on February 2, 2022.

Heuzé's girlfriend currently is a verified Spotify artist and possesses around 9,592 monthly listeners. Supporting their girlfriend in their passion, Elena and Manda quite often have jamming sessions with each other. The pair performed "I will always love you" and shared it writing, "singing with my valentine ? #iwillalwaysloveyou #livecover "

Elena and their lover Manda seem to share a playful type of relationship. The Heart Shot actor first posted about their real-life heartthrob on October 8, 2021. The pair were featured together on L.A Times on skateboarding cover story. Elena shared their excitement saying, "my boo and I are featured in @latimesimage thanks to @letsbooscruise - go sk8 ? with your date every Wednesday night @ chevy chase park" Since then many pictures of the two lovebirds are out there. Heuzé and their girlfriend also shot a motion film on January 11 which might be out soon. 

The pair's relationship seems to be going strong and are thriving together supporting each other's art and passion.

Heart Shot on Netflix: Here's All You Need to Know About the Short Film

Revolving around the story of a high-school queer couple's love saga, Netflix's Heart Shot is premiering on February 17 and many have been more than excited for it! Reflecting the unrequited love crushes, chronic awkwardness, desperate popularity struggles, sexual awakening, pressure from parents, social, athletic, and intellectual competitiveness of high school era of teens, the short film is expected to be loved by teens who have been going through the phase.

The plot progresses as two teenagers played by Elena Heuzé and Nia Sondaya are in love and planning their future together until one of their deadly pasts resurfaces, threatening all they hold dear. The 19 minute LGBTQ romance drama is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Marielle Woods, who also worked on stunts for John Wick: Chapter 2 and Baby Driver.

A look at the trailer gives off ideas on how teens struggle with finding their identities and have to pretend to be someone else they are not just to be accepted. The story of the queer couple not only features their struggle as partners but also focuses on their hardships as an individual belonging to a community that is only now being accepted. Accumulating present day scenario the drama is thus highly anticipated to be one of Netflix's praised short films.

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