Elizabeth Anweis

Actor, director, editor, writer, you name a filmmaking job and Elizabeth Anweis can do it. She is one of those versatile performers who brings a little extra to every job and give their best effort no matter what type of situation they are put in. All her life, she’s been in great shows and movies but never in a constant starring capacity which is all set to change when Batwoman premieres on The CW.

But before getting into it all the overly secretive person, Elizabeth, who’s been in the movie and TV business for almost two decades, is still to reveal her birth date. But going by the looks we can surmise a birth date of around 1980s. She attended school when she was young, and school was the place where she learned her love for acting and filmmaking.

Elizabeth Anweis in a profile image.Elizabeth Anweis is playing Catherine Hamilton-Kane in The CW series Batwoman.
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Starring in plays in school, she transitioned to a struggling actress in Los Angeles when she was cast in an uncredited part in the second Rush Hour movie. She also tried her hand in professional theatre acting, and she appeared in Women of Manhattan, Bury the Dead and mostly theatre work in Detroit. Then, along came the job of a lifetime, her first steady project and she is magnificent in it.

Elizabeth Anweis was Hired to Play the Character of ‘Catherine Hamilton-Kane’ in ‘Batwoman’

Elizabeth Anweis is playing Catherine Hamilton-Kane in Batwoman.Elizabeth Anweis is playing the role of Catherine Hamilton-Kane in the series Batwoman.
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After a year of filling characters in TV shows and appearing in small roles in movies, finally, years of struggle paid off when Elizabeth was hired to play the character of Catherine Hamilton-Kane in the upcoming CW show Batwoman. The show is about the rise of Kate Kane who finds Batman‘s layer and dons the persona of Batwoman to protect Gotham while the caped crusader of the city is MIA.

Catherine, the character Elizabeth is playing, is the step-mother of Kate and is a cut-throat developer in Gotham who will do anything for her bottom line. Batwoman is not so right for the bottom line which causes the stepdaughter and mother to set on a collision course. The series was already iconic for featuring an openly lesbian character in the series, but it will also be extremely special for Elizabeth to show the talent she is.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of Batwoman on The CW

The show is set for 6 October 2019 premiere which means it is only a week away when the battle of the mother and step-daughter is going to take place on The CW.

What about Elizabeth’s Boyfriend? Is She Married?

Elizabeth Anweis with her hair flowing in the breeze.Elizabeth Anweis does not share any personal pictures on her social media profiles.
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Social media of celebrities are the perfect indications of their dating lives, but the actress is not fond of social media with her Instagram post only showing promotional videos for her upcoming show and about five images of scenery and herself.

The actress has not embroiled any rumors which makes it harder to establish a timeline. She appears to be single and not really involved with anyone, in particular, her Instagram is silent and it seems the actress is focused on her career instead of finding the right person she can be intimate with.

Elizabeth Anweis with her hair covering her face due to the wind.Elizabeth Anweis apparently changed her name in the 2010s.
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But we cannot help but notice the actress’s name which was Elizabeth Weisbaum up until 2010 when she was cast in the movie Justify, but when she appeared in one episode of Law & Order: LA, her name in the call sheet was listed as Elizabeth Anweis. So, the name switch between the years is something pretty suspicious, there are no engagement rings or marriage bands on her finger which we know of but one can’t help but think the actress is married.

People change their names all the time but most of the time it is both, the first and the last name which is changed and not only the last. But since she never spoke about her possible husband or boyfriend then, we are just going to put an asterisk on the change of her name, make of it what you will.

Elizabeth’s Other Notable Acting Roles

Elizabeth Anweis in Grey's Anatomy.Elizabeth appeared in Grey’s Anatomy.
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The actress appeared in the TV series The Colony followed by a stint in Southland where the actress appeared in only one episode. Love at First Sight, Rizzoli & Isles and Grey’s Anatomy were a couple of other high profile roles she got, along with Parks and Recreation and Pretty Little Liars. The actresses also appeared in the hit Fox TV show 9-1-1 and then in the NCIS spinoff series NCIS: Los Angeles. Then there is the one we’ve talked about earlier Batwoman which is her first high profile job in almost two decades worth of career, but we hope this will be a jumping-off point for the actress to get more mainstream and established roles in the future.

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