Single’s Inferno’s Commentators/Hosts: Find the Hosting Cast on Instagram!

Season 2 of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno recently premiered on Netflix and viewers are interested to know about the show’s hosts/commentators. Among the new faces in the series, model and actress Lee Da-hee, singer Cho Kyuhyun, comedian Hong Jin-Kyung, and rapper Jung Hanhae are the hosts/commentators of the show. Follow to know more about them with their Instagram handles.

What could be better than falling in love with a stranger on a remote island with few resources? Nothing, according to Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno! In the South Korean dating show, 12 singles are asked to live together and form romantic relationships without revealing any personal information. Furthermore, they are only permitted to leave the remote island and visit a luxury hotel if they romantically pair up with the others.

This entertaining reality show’s second season featured a diverse group of social media celebrities. By the time the newcomers arrived in the new season to complicate things, relationships had been established and sweet talks had been exchanged.

The contestants are undoubtedly in the spotlight, but international viewers might not be aware that the hosts/commentators have their own successful careers, both on and off camera. The panel is full of talented multi-hyphenates, with experience ranging from running a kimchi business to performing in professional stage productions.

Now that the second season has just begun, viewers have been fascinated by show hosts/commentators and have been curious to know more about them. Don’t worry! We are here to help. Let’s just get started.

Single’s Inferno Season 2: Here Are All the Hosts/Commentators and Their Instagram Handles!

A dating reality show would be incomplete without enigmatic and charming hosts to keep things interesting. Netflix’s Singles Inferno stars four well-known celebrities as its leading hosts/commentators giving insight into each episode and their thoughts on the drama.

Model and actress Lee Da-hee, singer Kyuhyun, comedian Hong Jin-Kyung, and rapper Hanhae are among them in Single’s Inferno season 2. Here is all the information that followers need to know about them, from their notable careers to Instagram.

Lee Da-hee

Fans of Korean drama would have recognized Lee Da-hee from Search: WWW (2019). The 36-year-old actress is well-known for playing Cha Hyeon in the South Korean drama alongside Im Soo-Jung, Jeon Hye-Jin, and Jang Ki-Yong. She also appeared in The Beauty Inside the previous year. She has appeared in television shows such as Air City, I Can Hear Your Voice and Big Man.

She previously hosted Mnet’s two popular variety competition shows, Queendom and Road to Kingdom, prior to hosting Single’s Inferno. Fans can find her on Instagram at (@dahee0315). Her post mentions modeling for fashion brands and attending events such as Burberry.

Cho Kyuhyun

Cho Kyuhyun is a well-known celebrity among K-pop and Korean television fans. He got his start as a member of Super Junior in 2006. Aside from his role as an idol, he rose to prominence as a musical actor, appearing in Korean versions of American classics such as The Three Musketeers, Catch Me If You Can, Moon Embracing the Sun, and others.

Kyuhyun was the first Super Junior member to pursue a solo music career. He has appeared as a cast member and host on numerous variety shows. In 2020, he was a judge on Sing Again, and in 2021, he hosted Naked World History and Four Seasons of Baek Jong-won.

Fans of Single’s Inferno can follow Kyunhyun on Instagram at (@gyuram88). The 33-year-old shares photos of his upcoming work as well as some amusing celebrity selfies.

Hong Jin-Kyung

Hong Jin-Kyung, the 44-year-old comedian, model, and YouTuber started out as a small businessman. He is the CEO of The Kimchi, a kimchi company she founded in 2004. She was inspired to start her own business after spending a year making kimchi for her single friends who lived alone, using her mother’s family recipe.

When she isn’t slaving away in the kitchen, the Seoul native can be found hosting and starring in a number of Korean television shows, including Hong Jin-Kyung’s Glorious Devotee Life, The Love Master, and Need For Womance. She is also the host of the upcoming Capitalism School series.

Hong is also a popular YouTuber, with over one million subscribers. She posts multiple times per week, uploading everything from comedic skits to videos of friendly trivia competitions. Fans can get to know Hong through her Instagram (@jinkyunghong).

Jung Han-Hae

Jung Han-Hae is a rapper and artist who is one of the hosts/commentators of Single’s Inferno. Fans of South Korean music may recognize him as a former member of the boy band Phantom. Hanhae has made his career as a top musician with well-known hits like Man of the Year and his albums Organic Life and About Time. He has also collaborated with other artists on the soundtracks of K-dramas such as Are You Human?

Hanhae made appearances on MBC‘s My Teenager Girl as a Rap Teacher before joining Single’s Inferno. Fans can follow the 31-year-old rapper (@hanhae1990I) on Instagram. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts more behind-the-scenes content.

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