Elizabeth Rowe, the Winner of Is It Cake: London Baker’s Incharge Trans?

Elizabeth Rowe, from Is It Cake, has been in charge of The London Baker since 2018. She is the winner of the show Is It Cake? and took the cash prize of $75,000. Many viewers have wondered if she is transgender, but we are not sure, and she doesn’t seem to be.

On Friday, June 30, the second season of the well-known realistic cake-baking competition, Is it Cake premiered on Netflix. Ten bakers from different parts of the USA participated in the program, and their cake-decorating ideas and baking prowess were incredible. The goal of this competition was to deceive the judges by having the competitors create hyperrealistic cakes based on the assigned themes.

These skilled bakers can quickly create a cake that makes it difficult to discern whether it is real, whether it be a painting, a pile of garments, or even a shoe. In the end, Elizabeth Rowe was declared the winner. And now viewers wonder more about her. So let’s get into detail.

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Meet the London Baker’s Incharge and the Winner of Is It Cake, Elizabeth Rowe; Is She Transgender?

Elizabeth Rowe, the cast member of Is It Cake, has experience in this industry as a wedding cake designer and television cake artist. She is renowned for her imaginative and intricate desserts. One of her most iconic creations was a life-size cake depicting a zombie clown, which earned her a spot on the fourth season of the macabre Food Network series Halloween Wars in 2018.

Elizabeth Rowe has been in charge of The London Baker since 2018. One of DFW’s most exquisite luxury cake businesses, The London Baker focuses primarily in making incredible wedding cakes, incredible celebration cakes, and gourmet delights. Let us talk about her personals life more.

Elizabeth Rowe is in charge of The London Baker. celebsindepth.comElizabeth Rowe is in charge of The London Baker.
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Rowe, who was born and raised in England, moved to Texas about sixteen years prior to taking part in the event. Since she has never disclosed the specifics of her birth to the media, her age is unknown. Many viewers have wondered if she is transgender, but we are not sure, and she doesn’t seem to be. The well-known cake maker would rather keep her private affairs private than reveal them to the public.

Elizabeth Rowe, from Is It Cake, doesn't seem to be transgender. celebsindepth.comElizabeth Rowe, from Is It Cake, doesn’t seem to be transgender.
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Since she was a young girl, she has been passionate about baking; therefore, she opened The London Baker using her talents. Elizabeth’s passion project is a high-end bakery in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that specializes in wedding cakes. She manages it with eleven of her staff. She even said during the event that she wanted to win and somehow give back to her team in order to make them proud. If you want to meet her, you can find her on Instagram under the handle of The London Baker (@thelondonbaker).

Elizabeth, Owner of London Baker, Won the Show Is It Cake and Took the Cash Prize!

Elizabeth Rowe was the ultimate winner of Is It Cake Season 2. It’s interesting to note that the second season of “Is It Cake?” is not the award-winning pastry chef’s first experience with reality TV. Elizabeth has previously been on the Food Network shows “Holiday Wars,” “Halloween Wars,” “Cake Wars,” and “Dallas Cakes Challenge.”

In several of the competitive programs she has taken part in, she has also received awards. Elizabeth first became aware of her fondness for spooky and zombie-themed cakes while she was in “Halloween Wars” and finally became an expert cake decorator. She is particularly well-known for giving her food creations lifelike eyes.

Elizabeth Rowe is the winner of the show Is It Cake? celebsindepth.comElizabeth Rowe is the winner of the show Is It Cake?
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The task for the judges, Jade Catta-Preta, Chris Redd, and Taylor Tomlinson, was to identify the real cake from the fake items that were placed in front of them. They correctly predicted Spirit’s cake; however, they were unable to recognize Miko and Elizabeth’s.

In the end, it all came down to how the cake tasted. The double cake flavors in the toolbox and the intricate features, such as screws in tools that were not even visible, amazed Jade and Taylor. They also enjoyed how the cake had a rough texture, which made it seem more authentic. Chris was originally drawn to Miko’s hand-painted replica of the Mona Lisa.

Pete was Elizabeth’s choice for an assistant, and together they made the chocolate whisky bag with dulce de leche cream cheese and the double-flavored cinnamon brown sugar cake with peach pie filling, pecan praline, and cookie butter. She won the competition because of the structure and taste of her entry.

The skilled baker claimed that she intended to utilize the prize money from the competition to pay for some critical repairs to the roof of her home, which was seriously damaged by the floods. We might infer that Elizabeth went back to her regular life after the show and is now concentrating on renovating her house and growing her bakery company. It’s interesting that, despite being such a well-known pastry chef, she likes to keep her personal life a secret.

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