Did Ellie Haddington Lose Weight Due to Sickness?

Feb 16, 2024 @ 7:08 GMT-0500
Did Ellie Haddington Lose Weight Due to Sickness? celebsindepth.com

celebsindepth.com - While Ellie Haddington has recently lost significant weight, she has not revealed how she did it. However, some fans believe she lost weight due to medical reasons.

Ellie Haddington is a Scottish actress with a career spanning over 40 years. She has appeared in many TV credits, including Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Life Begins, Foyle's War (as Hilda Pierce), Endeavour, A&E, Cracker, Cutting It, and Holby City. Recently, she has been on the news after she appeared in Death in Paradise season 13. In which episode did she appear?

Death in Paradise season welcomes legendary actress Hayley Mills to the cast. She appears in the second episode of the show, and she is the guest star as Nancy Martin. Death in Paradise is a British-French crime comedy-drama television series created by Robert Thorogood. Its 13th season arrives on Sunday, February 4th, at 9 p.m. on BBC One. Many people seem to be happy with Ellie's entry, but the makers are saying that her role is very short.

Many people are assuming that Haddington has lost weight to come on the show. In this article, we will be talking about her fitness, diet, and exercise routine.

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Ellie Haddington Surprised Her Fans After Losing Weight

People are curious to know about Ellie Haddington's weight loss, which has not been talked about by the actress till now. Some people seem to be worried about her condition. Some people think that she has been suffering from some kind of illness, while others think that it's just rumors.

Ellie Haddington recently had weight loss. celebsindepth.com Ellie Haddington has remained silent regarding her transformation.
Source: Instagram

When Ellie appeared in the British-French crime comedy-drama Death in Paradise, people seemed to have gotten confused with her appearance. Some of them have claimed that she has lost weight, while others think that she is facing some health issues. There is no information as of 2024 if she has been facing health issues, as she has been a private person since the beginning of her career.

Ellie is not active on any social media, which is why it is very hard to tell what she has been doing in her real life and if she lost weight or not. However, her comeback in the TV series seems to be shocking news, as people believe that her last screen was the reprise of the part of Sheila Gemmell in the BBC black comedy series Guilt. She still looks so energetic, and her acting seems to be the best.

Ellie Haddington Hasn’t Revealed Her Diet, Exercise Routine; Is She Struggling With Her Health?

Till 2024, Ellie Haddington has not given any information on her weight-loss diet or exercise, but people believe that she has a very strict diet and workout routine. She is currently in her late sixties, and her appearance is so good that it looks like she is just entering her late forties. Some people say that she loves doing yoga and is a morning person. She is also believed to have two hours of workout sessions per day.

Ellie Haddington hasn't revealed her weight-loss secret. celebsindepth.comEllie Haddington hasn't revealed her secret to lose weight.
Source: Instagram

Talking about her eating habits, she is said to love eating beef and vegetables. Some of her fans also believe that she eats protein and fresh juice in the morning, while some say that she has to eat heavily because of her health problems. In 2023, there were rumors that she was very sick and was on bed rest for months because of her illness, but it was never confirmed.

Ellie's health was also the most talked-about subject in 2023. One of her fans posted on Reddit talking about her weight and asked other people to share their thoughts on her health. The user said that she feels for her, but she just wants to know what everyone thinks. The user also said that she struggles with her health, and she has a strong belief that some of it is due to stress and anxiety.

When Did Ellie Haddington Start Her Career?

Ellie Haddington started her career at a very young age, but she started getting noticed after she appeared in the 101 episodes of Coronation Street as Josie Clarke from 1995 to 1996. She started gaining fame. She is also known for her appearances in Midsomer Murders: Tainted Fruit as Joan Farley.

Talking about Ellie's personal life, she is married to Heather Peace. Heather is an accomplished English actress, musician, and prominent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Till now, there is no information about them having any children or when they got married. Poples claim that they have been in a loving relationship for a long time and love avoids paparazzi.

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