Ellie Leach’s Parents: Her Mother Is an Actress!

Ellie Leach has supportive parents. While she posted about both of her parent’s pictures, she seemed to be closer to her mother than her father. Some of her fans even droll over her mother, Karen Leach, who looks very young. As per her love life, she is currently single following her breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Reagan Pettman.

Ellie Leach is an English actress best known for portraying Faye Windass on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street between 2011 and 2023. She began her career by appearing in television advertisements for Staples and McDonald’s. Recently, she has been in the news after she was spotted with Vito Coppola on a late-night stroll together.

Strictly Come Dancing‘s Ellie and Vito were spotted together as they walked through Blackpool. Popele seems curious to know more about their relationship. There are also rumors about the couple dating in real life. A few weeks before, Ellie denied the rumors, but the last cozy photographs sparked the rumors, and the duo was even labeled as the most beautiful couple by Amanda Abbington.

After Ellie Leach and Vito were spotted together, the couple has been in the spotlight. In this article, we will be talking about her parents, her love life, her professional, and her personal. Is Ellie’s parents an actor/actress? To know who are her parents, read this article.

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Ellie Leach Has Very Supportive Parents!

There is no more information about Ellie Leach‘s(@ellielouiseleach) parents’ occupation, but they seem to be supportive of Ellie. Many people are curious to know more about them, but she has not mentioned anything regarding her original life. Currently, she is single, but people have been wondering if she is in a relationship with Vito Coppola.

Ellie Leach is very close with her parents. celebsindepth.comEllie Leach is very close with her parents.
Source: Instagram

The cozy picture of Ellie and Vito has made people wonder if she is hiding something from her fans. There are also rumors that the couple is in a relationship, and Ellie’s parents know everything about them. Ellie, who was born in Bury, Greater Manchester, on March 15, 2001, is the first child of her parents.

Talking about Ellie Leach’s parents, her mother’s name is Karen Leach, and her father’s name is not known yet. People called her father Mr. Leach, who occasionally gave his opinions on Ellie’s social media. Although Ellie’s parent’s occupation is not yet known, they seem to be the biggest supporters of their daughter’s work.

Details on Ellie Leach’s Father and Mother!

Ellie Leach seems to be closer to her mother than to her father. Although she posted about her parents, she chose to share some fun content with her mother. Her mother also seems to have maintained a fan base, as she looks stunning in every picture. Some people say that Ellie looks more like her mother and has beauty like her mother.

In 2022, Ellie even posted a picture, wishing her mother a happy birthday and calling her the best mom in the world. A year ago, Ellie Leach posted a picture during Christmas, and she was twinning with her younger sister and her mother in a pajama strawberry print. The picture has raised many questions on the internet, and some fans think that Ellie’s mother is also an actress.

Ellie Leach broke up with her cheating boyfriend, Reagan Pettman. celebsindepth.comEllie Leach broke up with her cheating boyfriend, Reagan Pettman.
Source: Instagram

Well, it doesn’t look like her mother is working as an actress, but we do agree if someone says that she looks maintain and pretty like an actress. Ellie seems to be very happy with her parents and younger sister, Daisy Louise. However, due to her busy schedule at Strictly Come Dancing, she seems to have spent less time with her parents. She also has a cousin named Brooke Vincent, who played Sophie Webster in Coronation Street.

Who Is Ellie Leach’s Boyfriend? Is She Dating Someone?

In early 2023, Ellie Leach broke up with her cheating boyfriend, Reagan Pettman, after dating for more than five years. After the breakup, Ellie told me that she struggled with self-confidence, and as an actor, people don’t see that—they think you’re this confident person and you can do anything. She revealed that Vito Coppola and Strictly have pushed her and made her realize that she is capable of things. She also said;

Vito has taught me so much already. It’s a competition with yourself. If you’re tired, fight it, if you’re stressed, fight it. I also don’t praise myself enough, I just focus on the wrong. But then he’ll say to me, Yeah, but you just did that… Being cheated on was upsetting, but now’s the perfect time to put my all into Strictly and give that 500%.

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