Ellie Spence’s Scar on Her Leg: How Did It Affect Her Confidence?

Ellie Spence had a scary incident in her life as she had an accident, leaving behind a scar on his leg. The scars left behind have affected her confidence. But she understands how lucky she is to be given a second opportunity to experience life.

Love Island‘ follows a group of men and women as they complete a number of challenges while switching partners until they meet someone they may want to spend the rest of their lives with. If no one chooses the solitary islander in the next recoupling, they will be dumped from the island.

One of Netflix’s ‘Love Island’ was joined by cast member Ellie Spence. She appeared in the ninth season, which was won by Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan. Since then, she has gained several fan followings on social media. While her story about getting hurt on her leg, which was really a dying time for her, left a scar behind it, So they have discussed and wondered about it in detail.

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Details on the Ellie Spence Leg Scar Incident!

Ellie Spence (@elliespence) has been open about the incident that occurred in her life that left behind a scar in her leg. She went into the winter Love Island villa to stir and quickly immerse herself in her experience. After becoming close to Ron Hall and sharing a secret kiss with Tom Clare after he and Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown called it quits, the new singleton has undoubtedly turned a few heads. She gained huge recognition from the show, and she revealed that she had a near-death scar on her leg.

Ellie Spence got a scar on her leg while climbing the gate. celebsindepth.comEllie Spence got a scar on her leg while climbing the gate.
Source: Instagram

Ellie Spence, the newest Love Island participant, has revealed a terrifying medical story that resulted in a scar on her leg. She revealed that the cause was her drinking a lot. She stated that she’d spent two weeks in the hospital and was on the verge of losing her leg in an accident. So what actually happened? How did she end up having such an incident?

Ellie Spence, the business development professional, recalled the incident and claimed that while drunk, she had recently finished her A-level exams and went out on a night out with one of her best friends, Livvy. She returned to her house in the early morning hours, and the gate in front of her house was locked. She put her foot on the bar in between the spears after climbing the gate and reaching the top; her foot slipped, and one of the spears stabbed her squarely in the joint of her leg. She swung around and found herself 10 feet in the air, hanging backwards off the gate.

She went on to add that she could scarcely speak because of the pain and stress she was in, and Livvy had no idea she was impaled. Her leg had torn from the very front of her joint to the rear of her buttocks after 10 minutes of miscommunication in full darkness. Ellie Spence began to pass out as a result of the pain, blood loss, and psychologically preparing herself for the reality that she was about to die. She gave up and hung in solitude for a few minutes before hearing a voice yelling for her friend to get up. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and sewn up for two weeks.

Ellie Spence Had Low Self-Confidence After She Had a Scar on Her Leg!

Ellie Spence discussed how the scars left behind have affected her confidence. ‘When she got her sutures out, the nurse told her, ‘no more beach vacations or bikinis for you‘. She said that coming to grips with narrowly avoiding death is a feeling she will never truly be able to put into words. She also uploaded photos of her scar, which is now visible from beneath her bikini bottoms. She wrote;

I know that with summer approaching, it’s a terrifying time for anyone who doesn’t feel’ready’ in their body, but my scar is always going to be there, so regardless of how comfortable or uncomfortable I feel in my body at the time, I have had to learn that my body will always be’ready.

Ellie Spence feels she was given a second opportunity to experience life. celebsindepth.comEllie Spence feels she was given a second opportunity to experience life.
Source: Instagram

Ellie Spence has dipped in and out of feeling body-confident throughout her life, as most women do, due to the ever-changing body trends and standards they are forced to meet. And the long rehabilitation that followed really made her understand how lucky she is to be given a second opportunity to experience life.