Joey King’s Nose Job: Did She Undergo Surgery?

Many people think that Joey King has had a nose job and many other surgeries to maintain her look. In 2022, when she mentioned loving her new nose, people thought that she had done something permanent to her nose, but it was just a make-up thing. None of the rumors have been addressed until now.

Joey Lynn King, also known as Joey King, is an American actress. Recently, she has been in the news after she shared her wedding picture with her fans. Her wedding seems to have shocked any of her fans, and she looks like people who called Joey their crush have been heard. The first series of her wedding pictures was shared on September 8 through her Instagram, and she was wearing a destination wedding fit. She married Steven Pite in September after four years of dating in Mallorca, Spain.

After the post by Joey, many seem to be judging her appearance. Everyone wants to look their best at their wedding, isn’t it? People accused her of having some plastic surgeries to look good on her wedding day. To know whether she has done a nose job or not, read this article.

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Joey King’s Has Not Admitted nor Denied Having a Nose Job!

Joey King (@joeyking) is guessed to have a nose job, as her recent nose shape appears to look sharp and pointed. Her nose has been a topic of discussion many times, but the actress has not given her confirmation till now. We must say whatever she has done to her look is favoring her, and she looks gorgeous on her wedding day.

Joey King has been accused of having many plastic surgeries, including a nose job, for years. She is best known for her acting, and we have seen her in many characters where she has changed her look for a movie. Once again, the topic of Joey having a nose job has been a discussion topic on the internet, as some people think that she looks attractive on her wedding day.

Joe King is believed to have had a nose job. celebsindepth.comJoe King is believed to have had a nose job.
Source: Instagram

When King posted a picture of her childhood days, people were confused, and the picture was compared to her wedding picture. We don’t think it’s fair to compare her recent look with that picture, as she was just 9 years old. In the picture, she was hugging her older sister which was captioned;

Happy 30th birthday to my angel of a sister @hunterking. I was probably 9 in this photo and you 15. And I remember that I was excited for you to go to winter formal, but really I couldn’t wait til you got back home, so we could hang out. So we could wear our matching pjs, have ice cream, and go through an entire bottle of hard shell in one sitting.

Joey King’s face structure and her smile remain the same but it looks like a lot of things change. We do think she might have done some work on her face or had a nose job done, but comparing her recent look to her childhood picture doesn’t seem to be a fair judgment.

Joey King Has Shared Her New Nose Picture on Instagram!

On October 31, 2022, Joey King posted a series of pictures captioning that she loved her new nose. Without checking the picture or knowing the facts, some fans were quick to judge her. People think that she had a nose job or that she was hiding something from her fans. However, the claim was later turned to be face as she was talking about her nose.

Joe King is inspired by Jessica Chastain for her appearance. celebsindepth.comJoe King is inspired by Jessica Chastain for her appearance.
Source: Instagram

Talking about Joey’s before and after picture, we think the shape of her nose has changed. She is guessed to have done a nose job, as her appearance appears to be more pointed these days, but beginning in her career, she used to have a board-shaped nose. We think that she has done something to her, but it might not be a nose job.

Joey King Said That She Wanted to Be Like Jessica Chastain!

Besides having a nose job, Joey King is also claimed to have lip fillers and lip augmentation. Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that makes fuller, plumper lips and it is also reversible. At the beginning of Joey’s career, she used to have British lips, but now it looks like the actress has done something to make them wider.

None of the rumors have been claimed or talked about by the kissing booth star till now, but once during an interview, she mentioned her love for Jessica Chastain. King also said that she wanted to be like Jessica, as she found Jessica a good actress and a big role model.

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