Emilia Jones’s Partner in 2022: Locke & Key Cast Relationship With Connor Jessup and Griffin Gluck Explored!

Emilia Jones, the star of Locke & Key, does not have a partner and is single as of 2022. Although the actress has been linked to her co-stars, Connor Jessup and Griffin Gluck, all the gossip was nothing but just rumors. However, we can soon expect her to get a boyfriend or even get married.

Emilia Jones is an English actress, singer, and songwriter who was born on February 23, 2002. At the age of 8, Jones made her acting debut in the 2010 movie One Day as Jasmine.

She garnered numerous honors for her performance as Ruby Rossi, the primary character, in the Academy Award-winning 2021 movie CODA, for which she was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

She has also made appearances on television shows such as Doctor Who (2013) and Utopia. She is most known for her role as Kinsey Locke in the Netflix series Locke & Key (2020–present). She has also appeared in several West End theatre performances in London. Kinsey Locke is one of the show’s key protagonists (2020–present). On February 7, 2020, the premiere season was made available.

It was her first significant part in a TV show. Emilia was drawn to the role because she would get to portray Kinsey in two different states: one before and one after she conquered her fear.

As a result, many fans have been curious about Jones’s partner. Who do you think will be Emilia Jones’s partner in 2022? Is she dating Connor Jessup or Griffin Gluck? Let’s find the truth.

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Emilia Jones’s Partner: The Locke & Key Cast Does Not Have a Partner and Is Single as of 2022; She Was Previously Linked to Her Co-stars, Connor Jessup, and Griffin Gluck!

Emilia Jones (@emiliajones) doesn’t seem to have a partner or be dating anyone in 2022, at least not in public. That does not, however, exclude the possibility that she is seeing someone in private. The Locke & Key star was linked to Connor Jessup and Griffin Gluck.

Although she is currently single, she was once closely linked with her on-screen sibling and fellow Locke & Key cast member, Connor Jessup (@connorwjessup). Fans who were paying close attention saw the two’s closeness off-screen, which led to dating speculation.

In addition, Jessup would add fuel to those accusations by posting images of Emilia Jones with corny captions.  For instance, he released two images and a video clip of them having fun together on July 5, 2021. He then captioned the image saying,

The weeding’s in August, you’re not invited.

These rumors were put to rest, though, when Connor came out as gay and began dating Miles Heizer. This connection seems like it was built in Netflix heaven. Miles Heizer, best known for the television series 13 Reasons Why, and Connor are presently dating. Although the encounter with Miles was not particularly spectacular, he admitted that it was Miles who finally inspired Connor to come out of the closet.

Looking at Jones’s Instagram, it seems as though she is currently living her best life, judging by a few pictures of her working life. Emilia Jones doesn’t care to constantly update her Instagram posts.

While the majority of her fans believe she is single, other rumors suggest she is dating her on-screen co-star Griffin Gluck because the two were seen socializing together. Gabe, the fictitious persona created by Dodge using the Identity Key to discreetly wreak havoc on the Lockes, is played by Griffin Gluck.

Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Gabe become closer, and they frequently hang out together. Kinsey falls in love with Gabe, especially after he saved her in the Drowning Caves. After that, the two start dating, and Kinsey has no idea that Gabe is Dodge. In reality, these two are allegedly not a couple. I’m sure you won’t mind if that rumor is true. I’m sure you’ve seen all three seasons! It is upsetting to find that their friendship was all that existed between them.

Since making her television debut in 2011’s House of Anubis, Emilia Jones has been at the top of the entertainment world. She then obtained a part in productions like Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. She has won the hearts of millions of people all around the world with her incredible performances.

Furthermore, given that she is only 20 years old, her career-focused attitude seems only fair. When she feels ready, she might change the subject to relationships. But her fans will have to wait till then.

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