Emma Hernan Without Makeup: Has She Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Emma Hernan from Netflix’s Selling Sunset has recently shocked her fans with her without-makeup look. As a result, many people wonder if the 31-year-old has received plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. However, Emma has yet not spoken anything about her appearance.

Emma Hernan from Netflix‘s Selling Sunset is a social media influencer, model, businesswoman, and Oppenheim Group real estate agent in California. While in high school, she relocated to the West Coast from Massachusetts to pursue a modeling career. However, her interest in money, and hence real estate ventures, led her in a different direction than she had planned.

Emma Hernan purchased her first property in 2017 with Jason Oppenheim, the CEO of Oppenheim Group, and one year later began working for him. She has previously stated that she considers Jason and his twin brother Brett to be like family, as well as her Selling Sunset co-stars Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause, but she refuses to get embroiled in any office-related drama.

Recently, Emma Hernan’s admirers and followers were taken aback because of her appearance. Whereas many people believed that her face looks completely different without her makeup. As a result, some of them have assumed that she has altered her face in some way, as it appears unnatural. Some of the speculations about her plastic surgery are refuted in this article. Read this article to learn more.

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Emma Hernan Looks Completely Different Without Makeup!

Since Emma Hernan‘s (@emmahernan) without-makeup appearance has been a hot subject on the internet her fans began to suspect her of getting several procedures to maintain her appearance. Whatever she has done, whether it is her skincare or cosmetic treatments, looks to be working in her favor, as she appears to be a whole dazzling celebrity.

Emma Hernan with and without makeup. celebsindepth.comEmma Hernan with and without makeup.
Image Source: Celebs-In-Depth

The Selling Sunset cast, who began modeling at the age of 12, now frequently appears for images with a very rounded chest and full, pouty lips. Some Selling Sunset viewers believe she resembles co-star Heather Rae Young (@heatherraeyoung), who had fillers in both lips as well as breast enlargement. However, the 31-year-old young star has never commented on the charges.

Similarly, looking at Emma Hernan’s without-makeup appearance, her eyelids are an excellent example of plastic surgery. She had a low hairline before having children, yet she was still stunning. After that, her hairline appeared to lift dramatically, indicating that she had elevated her brows. True, it draws attention to her eyes, but why mess with a face that is obviously flawless?

Many individuals even believed that her nose work is obvious when comparing her then and now images because, instead of being broad and uninteresting, it has been molded to appear thin and pointed. This is just another unneeded modification considering she already looked wonderful. Some say that if she hadn’t undergone Botox to smooth out her wrinkles, her antique nose would have appeared weird on such immaculate skin. Her face is strangely free of faults today, hinting that the former nose would be the center of attention.

However, all of the above allegations are based on speculation because the model has yet not revealed anything regarding her change in appearance. Well, we’ll get back to you soon if we gain more information about her transformation.

Emma Hernan’s Profession!

Emma Hernan was born on July 14, 1991, in the Boston area of Massachusetts, where she grew up in a loving and supportive family.  However, she has been working since she was 12 years old, beginning with modeling and a part-time job as a babysitter. As a result, when she was 16, her career in the entertainment sector took off, and she began landing runway appearances in Paris and other parts of the world. Her most rewarding career, however, has been as an investor. After all, Emma developed an interest in the financial market while babysitting a family whose patriarch worked in it.

Emma Hernan is the Founder and CEO of Emma-Leigh & Co. celebsindepth.comEmma Hernan is the founder and CEO of Emma-Leigh & Co.
Image Source: Insider

By the time Emma Hernan started investing at the age of 14 or 15, she had already learned the basics. She was 17 when she began financing her family’s food business, which led to her becoming an entrepreneur. She is still a model and angel investor today, as well as the Founder and CEO of Emma-Leigh & Co., a plant-based frozen food company. She is also a realtor, a position she has held with The Oppenheim Group since 2018.

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Emma Hernan’s interest in opulent properties is what initially inspired her to earn her license, so she primarily worked as a part-time employee while managing other projects until requested to take up greater responsibilities. Her clientele appears to include various national and worldwide high-profile persons and celebrities.