Maya Vander’s Accent: Where Is She From?

Maya Vander’s accent combines both Hebrew and Dutch since she is of mixed ethnicity as her mother is Israeli and her father is Dutch. However, she is of Israeli nationality.

Netflix‘s Selling Sunset gives viewers an inside look at the lives of several top-tier real estate brokers at The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles. As cameras accompany the group in their daily lives, we see how they juggle their obligations, relationships, and professional responsibilities while dealing with demanding clientele. Furthermore, the show adds a layer of hot romance and exciting conflict to heighten the suspense.

On season 6 of Selling Sunset, fans were surprised when they couldn’t find Maya Vander, a well-known television presenter, entrepreneur, social media celebrity, real estate agent, Internet influencer, and media personality. Because she has been a regular since the first season, audiences appreciated her honest approach to dealing with clients. However, she later explained her decision and insisted on staying at home with her husband and two gorgeous children.

Maya Vander was noted for her sense of humor in the series. She prefers to stay out of the drama, which has helped her become one of the most popular reality TV stars. But she is known for her distinct accent on the show, as a result, fans have been curious to learn more about her personal background, especially her accent. Well, let’s get started.

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Maya Vander’s Accent Combines Both Hebrew and Dutch Since Her Mother Is Israeli & Her Father Is From the Netherlands!

Maya Vander (@themayavander), who became famous after appearing on the Netflix show Selling Sunset, was born on March 12, 1982, in Eilat, Israel. And she has mixed ethnicity. While her mother is Israeli, her dad is from the Netherlands, so her accent combines the two dialects. As a result, the agent is fluent in both Hebrew and Dutch.

Maya Vander's accent combines both Hebrew and Dutch. celebsindepth.comMaya Vander’s accent combines both Hebrew and Dutch.
Image Source: Instagram

The 41-year-old media personality prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to her personal background. However, looking at her LinkedIn account, we can see that she has spent her childhood in several places such as Singapore, the Netherlands, Spain, and others. But, her primary education was received in Israel. She then attended a reputed high school to further her education.

Later, Maya Vander moved to Los Angeles in 2002 at the age of 22 and landed her job at The Oppenheim Group. She now resides in Miami, Florida, with her own family including her husband and children. However, she has regular communication with her family, which includes her father, who has returned to the Netherlands, and her mother, who now resides in Tel Aviv.

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Meanwhile, Family is incredibly important to Maya Vander, and fans will notice from her Instagram profile that her husband and children are the most important thing to her. She is known to read her children Hebrew books before they go to bed, and she is dedicated to providing them with a global upbringing. Furthermore, the celebrity has been hailed for her ability to balance the pressures of reality television, her real estate career, and her family in Miami.

What Caused Maya Vander to Leave Selling Sunset?

Maya Vander was known for her no-nonsense approach to real estate and ability to close multi-million-dollar deals rapidly. Furthermore, she avoided office drama and maintained positive connections with all of her coworkers. Despite this, the real estate agent was forced to travel between California and Florida because her spouse and the majority of her family live in Miami. Indeed, the documentary discovered that Maya held a real estate license in both states and frequently displayed listings in Los Angeles and Miami.

Maya Vander left Selling Sunset after she lost her baby. celebsindepth.comMaya Vander left Selling Sunset after she lost her baby.
Image Source: Netflix

While this arrangement looked to work for the time being, life became challenging, particularly following Maya’s first pregnancy. Despite this, the real estate salesperson managed to juggle her obligations and welcomed her kid between seasons 1 and 2. Later, between seasons 2 and 3, Maya gave birth to her daughter, and in season 4, we saw the realtor deal with her third pregnancy. Unfortunately, the professional pressure and regular travel eventually caught up with her, posing a number of issues during this time. Despite her best efforts to resolve all concerns and deal with pregnancy complications at the same time, Maya was struck by tragedy when she miscarried and lost her baby at 38 weeks.

This terrible tragedy helped the reality TV star put things into perspective, and she decided to leave the Oppenheim Group before permanently relocating to Miami to be closer to her loved ones. As a result, when Netflix announced that ‘Selling Sunset’ would be renewed for seasons 6 and 7, Maya took to Instagram to reveal that she had made the difficult decision to leave the show.