Eric Burris Weight Loss 2021 – Over 70 Pounds Dropped After Gastric Bypass Surgery!

Eric Burris was fascinated with the weather from a young age. He wanted to be a weather man since seeing one on TV and in a life led by his passion, Eric has managed to the achieve that dream. But it was not all smooth sailing as his looks was criticized by people who said he could never be on TV. Well, he proved them wrong and the Eric Burris weight loss in 2021 shows he is now prioritizing his health.

The weather man first started to report professionally on weather while he was still in high school. His passion was his greatest driving force and slowly the hope was to get the education required and then get to a network that would employee him. Known for his charming on screen presence and uncanny ability to transition between segments, Eric was made for weather reporting.

Born and raised in Florida, Orlando was where he first got his start on a channel. Then after freelance work here and there as well as filling in for WESH 2, the channel offered him a permanent role with their weather forecast team. Since then he has gone on to garner massive following on social media where he hosts weather update shows and still works at WESH.

But recently as the weather reporting star came on screen again, fans noticed a massive change. Eric Burris weight loss in 2021 was trending online, and for good reason as the large man was replaced by someone almost 2/3rd his previous size. So, here we detail all the facts on how, and why he Eric decided to shed his extra pounds.

Eric Burris Weight Loss 2021 – Before and After Look After Losing Over 70 Pounds!

eric-burris-weight-loss-2021Eric Burris weight loss journey started in 2020. Since then he has lost over 70 pounds in 2021 with the help of gastric bypass surgery.
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Any large man knows how hard it is to lose weight even if you put your mind and effort into it. Even if you manage to shed some few pounds, it comes back quicker than it took to lose it in the first place. It is not for lack of trying, some people just cannot lose weight. That is what Eric Burris felt as he tried to lose weight every which way possible.

The WESH 2 star said he was starving himself, avoiding food and nothing was helping. When he went to his doctor, they painted a bleak picture as he was at a high risk for diabetes. Recently married about for about 4 years, a husband, a father, Eric wanted to be around for a long time to be with his wife and his children. So, to lead a healthy live, Eric Burris weight loss journey began in 2020, secretly, as he tried to take care of his health.

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So, the last resort, for his health, his family, was a surgery to get rid of the weight. Eric Burris got gastric bypass surgery, a procedure where parts of the stomach is cut out and intestines are reconnected. The procedure helped Eric get rid of his need to each a lot and with the help of the procedure, Burris lost over 70 pounds in 2o21. That was a massive change for a man who has been in the public’s eye since his high school days.

Eric Burris weight loss surgery was done in secret because he did not know who he needed to tell. Al Roker, a famous weather forecaster went through the same procedure and his book became a massive help for Eric. Al wrote about the struggle of getting the surgery and then people thinking you cannot be healthy after such an invasive procedure. Well, he managed to prove naysayers wrong and managed to stay healthy.

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Eric Burris followed a similar path, but he did inform his employer and people close to him. The weather forecaster said his wife, Jeannie Gavilanes Burris, was a massive support for him. She handled all the work and taking care of kids, while he recovered. Even now Eric is recovering from his weight loss surgery.

He says bowing down is still hurtful but the pain is worth the fact that he is going to be around for a long time to see his children grow. Though it Eric Burris weight loss was not due to a fitness regime or going on a diet. He did it with the help of modern medicine. But that does not take away from his dedication to his family and his health.

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About his journey back to full health, Eric said, “I feel better a little bit each day, but I still pretty much feel like a truck hit me or like they took a kitchen mixer to my stomach. I have my wife to thank so much because she is literally single-parenting. This has been a process to get back to feeling somewhat human, and I am so grateful that I am feeling somewhat human.”

Now Eric is back reporting the weather and his videos on Facebook are filled with positive messages from fans. He appears to be happy, healthy and “feeling somewhat human.” Eric Burris weight loss journey was a tough one but it was a necessary one for him, we are just happy it all worked out in the end.

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