Robin Baumgarten Boyfriend 2021 - WGN-TV Hosts' Family Life, Weight Loss and Other Details!

Jun 10, 2021 @ 1:15 GMT-0500

Robin Baumgarten is a Chicago TV-host co-anchoring the WGN Morning News every morning from 6 to 10am. She has been part of the WGN family for over 25 years and has continued to present local Chicago and South Side news for her dedicated audience. The news host also has two kids with her ex-husband and fans of the 57-year-old want to know if she is dating a boyfriend in 2021. Here we have got some details for you.

Born on 7 November 1963 in Burbank, Illinois, Robin Baumgarten grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois. She studied broadcast journalism at the university and graduated with a Bachelor's degree, later moving on to a career in her educated field. Through working Shadow Broadcast Services, she made her way to WGN-TV working as arial traffic reporter, starting her career.

Since her days as traffic reporter, Robin has made her way to the studio and in the prime spot of morning news. From hosting alone to doing it with a team, everything has been a step forward for Chicagoan native and something she enjoys doing very much. So, seeing the talented anchor every morning has also led people searching for her boyfriend, and other relationship details.

Robin Baumgarten Boyfriend 2021 - Divorced and Raising Two Daughters in Chicago

robin-baumgarten-boyfriend-2021-wgn-newsRobin Baumgarten boyfriend in 2021 is trending. She has been married once and has two daughters. Get her relationship details.
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Robin Baumgarten has been in the public's eye for almost three decades now. She is not like a movie star who is seen in one or two movies a year, instead, people get their news from Robin and they see her every morning as people are starting with their day. That makes people invested in the people who almost part of their family, that is why fans like looking for her boyfriend.

The WGN Morning News host has been divorced for a few years now and there is genuine interest if Robin is dating a boyfriend in 2021. With her nest almost empty as Robin's eldest daughter joined her mother's alma mater last years, there is even more speculation of the the news host getting in on the dating scene. Well, there is some truth to the host getting busy, but it is probably not in the way you think.

Robin Baumgarten Boyfriend - Fan Speculation and Other Details in 2021

The Chicagoan native has been linked with people in the past but most of the talk was pure fan speculation. We do know of one relationship that ended in marriage with her now ex-husband Matt Piacente. The were married for a short time around the turn of the century. Both working in the news world meant they frequented similar settings, falling in love and getting married.

The marriage between Robin Baumgarten and her then boyfriend Matt Piacente resulted in the birth of their two daughters. Robin and her whole family was together at University of Illinois, dropping of her and Matt's eldest daughter. Matt shared pictures of the day from inside the dome as the proud parents sen their daughter to the college they support.

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While the exact date of Robin and Matt's divorce is not known, we are certain they are no longer married. There are no pictures of Matt on Robin's Instagram page. The same thing is true the other way as both of their social media is filled with work or love for their two daughters. Both of them are however on friendlier terms considering they are both parents.

As for Robin's boyfriend in 2021, no matter the speculation, the news host is single and getting ready to send her younger daughter to college. The mother of two is not in the dating game but she does occupy her time with something else, getting busy with healthy eating and sharing her love for food.

Robin Baumgarten Weight Loss 2021 - How Did Robin Baumgarten Lose Weight?

As COVID has gotten under control (in some areas) most of the restrictions are slowly getting rolled back, including the use of buffer zone in WGN Morning News. But as the four hosts have returned to their seats, fans have started to notice Robin Baumgarten's wight loss in 2021. The TV veteran appears different then past years and most of that can be attributed to healthy eating.

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While she and the other hosts love getting Konrad to eat yucky food live on TV, Robin herself has moved herself to a new diet. The result is visible for all to see on TV, she is looks different and weight loss is almost obvious. Robin has yet to reveal how she lost her weight, her exact diet is still a mystery, but with her change the news host is inspiring thousands of her fans. And frankly getting fit is better than looking for a boyfriend anyway.

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