Erin Moriarty’s Plastic Surgery Face: The Boys Season 3 Update!

Erin Moriarty’s plastic surgery on her face allegedly includes rhinoplasty, incisions on her jaw, and Botox injections. The American actress is currently playing the role of Annie January aka Starlight in the Amazon Prime series, The Boys Season 3. Rumors have been spreading about Erin getting plastic surgery and going under the knife on her face. Did Erin Moriarty from The Boys Season 3 get any plastic surgery? Let’s find out.

Immensely popular for her role as Annie January aka Starlight in the eminent Amazon Prime television series, The Boys, the American actress, Erin Blair Moriarty or simply Erin Moriarty has had played in several other television series as well. Before gaining popularity from The Boys, Erin has appeared in Jessica Jones, HBO’s True Detective, and ABC’s Red Widow.

Aged 28, Erin’s young face schleps the glow, and her facial features are almost perfect. More than getting appreciated for her physical appearance, Erin Moriarty is surrounded by the scandal of doing plastic surgery on her face. While there’s no medical evidence to justify the audience’s speculations, did Erin Moriarty get any incisions or cosmetic surgery?

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Erin Moriarty’s Plastic Surgery on Her Face: The Boys Season 3 Update!

Taking us to the heroic world where the superheroes use their powers for other people’s welfare (or not), one of the most impressive television series, The Boys was initially released in 2019, and still today, the series is ongoing. In the series, there are many cast members, and Erin Moriarty is one of them. She has portrayed the role of Annie January aka Starlight in the series.

Born on 24th June 1994 in New York, United  States, Erin Moriarty is an American actress who has been dedicating her time to the acting field since she was just 11, starring as Annie in the community theatre. Just after the completion of her high school, she dropped out of college and solely dedicated her time to the acting field.

As a professional actor, Erin firstly played the role of a teenager in the television series One Life To Live, and thus, today, she has made it one of the successful personalities.

As per some sources, it has been estimated that Erin has a net worth of $1.5 million, and filled with all the wealth, she can afford to buy any materialistic items that she wishes to pursue or could visit any corner of the world as her vacation trip. With balance in both her personal and professional life, Erin is fortunate enough to get all of her hard work paid back to her.

Recently, news has been spreading about the actress getting plastic surgery. If we examine her face, most of her facial features have changed drastically, and that has brought the question if she underwent any cosmetic surgery or is it because of the massive weight loss journey? Weight loss plays a role in changing the facial features but that doesn’t mean the whole nose and jaw structure change completely.

Maybe the jawline looks sharper than it was in the past and her weight loss might have played a role in giving the jaw a more detailed structure but talking about Erin’s nose, it is likely that she got plastic surgery, or to be specific, Erin has got rhinoplasty. Also, examining her face in more depth, her smile lines seem to have vanished. Thereafter, Erin has done some kind of cosmetic surgery on her face to expunge the lines.

Apart from getting incisions on her nose and jaw, Erin Moriarty (@erinelairmoriarty) has undergone a Botox injection as well. This injection has helped her to fade the wrinkles and the unnecessary folding of skin on the forehead.

All of these are just speculation which has been concluded from looking at her past and present looks. However, as for Erin, she has never mentioned getting any plastic surgery, and even though the audience commenced spreading the scandal, Erin neither admitted nor denied it. So, it is still difficult to tell exactly about her plastic surgery.

Is Erin Moriarty From The Boys Married?

Catching up everyone’s attention, the popular American actress, Erin Moriarty‘s relationship status has been of major concern for everyone, and almost all of the audience is invested to know if Erin is single or in a committed relationship with anyone.

While there are many rumors regarding Erin’s relationship, there’s no such evidence that hints toward Erin being in a relationship. Therefore, it is likely for her to be single as none of her Instagram posts inclines toward Erin having a boyfriend.

However, there is an equal chance that Erin could be dating in private and to avoid the unnecessary attention on her love life, she might have hidden her love life from everyone.

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