Details on Eva as a Surviving Paradise Contestant on Instagram!

Eva Desjardins, one of the cats in Surviving Paradise, was a Peace Corps member who now works as a professional photographer. As per her Instagram, she provides a range of photography services to her clients.

Twelve cast members competed for $200,000 in an opulent mansion in the reality TV series Surviving Paradise. There was a catch, though: participants had to remain in the villa in order to win, and the cast could vote one another in and out of it. The game then begins when the power goes out and the host, a magnetic void named Jessimae, shows up. They’re going to be chased out of the villa and abandoned to their fate in the woods. They have to form coalitions that will enable them to be re-elected to the villa.

In the always-evolving world of reality television, where there are no limits to entertainment value, a captivating new series blew up on Netflix. The much-awaited Netflix series Surviving Paradise debuted on Friday, October 20, 2023, at 3 a.m. ET. It is projected to bring together a varied group of competitors from various backgrounds in an attempt to win the hefty $100,000 trophy prize.

Successors, failures, and betrayals arise, reappear in a different group, and then fade back into the mix. We love some participants, hate some, detest some, and love some to despise some. One of the cast members being loved by the viewers is Eva Desjardins, who would be the latecomer to the Surviving Paradise reality survival show on Netflix.

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Meet Eva Desjardins, One of the Cats in Surviving Paradise, on Instagram!

EvangelineEvaDesjardins (@lilmissevaa) may have entered the show, Surviving Paradise, mid-season, but that did not stop her from making some highly smart choices, which ultimately allowed her to earn several fans. In Surviving Paradise, she wants to show that she is more than just a lovely face. As a professional photographer, Eva travels the nation, working in locations like Tampa and Orlando. She is a Pisces who has an intense love for poetry and ancient literature.

Eva Desjardins was once a Peace Corps member. celebsindepth.comEva Desjardins was once a Peace Corps member.
Source: Instagram

Eva is active on different social media sites, both TikTok and Instagram, under the handle (@lilmissevaa). On Instagram, she has over 16k followers and 450 posts, where she shares several sponsored posts and pictures related to her profession. As per her bio, she is into poetry, old books, and good people. Her followers have increased since her appearance in Netflix’s Surviving Paradise, and undoubtedly in the coming days.

A lot of you may not be aware that Desjardins was a Peace Corps member. She moved to Tampa, Florida, from the Peace Corps and decided to pursue her interest in photography. She provides a range of photography services to her clients under the LilMissEvaTookThese brand. These consist of series shots, portraits, lifestyle shots, and brand work. She also maintains a specific Instagram account for the same, on which she frequently posts some incredibly gorgeous photos that she has taken.

Eva Desjardins’s Journey in Netflix’s Surviving Paradise!

Eva Desjardins made her appearance in the Surviving Paradise‘s fourth episode, which was undoubtedly a disadvantage for her. She had only two hours to speak with people who had already made a home for themselves in the villa before joining the other camp residents as outsiders in the fourth episode of the Netflix series’ first season. In her introduction video, she said;

I plan on looking at this like a chess game.

Her entrance did make some people tense up; Taylor Olympios in particular was clear that she did not want Shea Foster‘s focus to shift elsewhere. Soon after she joined the tournament, each insider received a box, and depending on the outcome, their task was to persuade an outsider to accept or reject the card.

Eva Desjardins with her contestants in Surviving Paradise. Eva Desjardins with her contestants in Surviving Paradise.
Source: Instagram

She was chosen by Lellies Santiago (@lelliessantiago) to be her task partner, and she made an unsuccessful attempt to persuade Eva that accepting the box between them would provide her permission to visit the villa. Her time in the Violla was brief, though, since the Insiders had to select one person to go to camp. She offered to do it, saying that she was willing to do her share of the work since everyone else had already spent enough time at the camp. She was able to gain the respect of numerous cast members as a result.