Surviving Paradise: Meet Kelso Pierce on Instagram!

Kelso Pierce is a fitness trainee and entrepreneur who made an appearance in Surviving Paradise. He didn’t make the finale, but he made a great impact on the show, increasing fans and followers on his Instagram.

Being locked out of your villa while on vacation in a tropical place is one way to go from feeling pampered to terrified. Surviving Paradise, the newest reality TV competition on Netflix, places its competitors in this very worst situation. They think they are traveling to a stunning tropical island to compete in a reality show in paradise. There’s a twist, though. While the remaining participants are forced to fend for themselves in the wilderness surrounding the estate, they must compete for a seat inside an opulent villa.

On this show, participants set out on an adventure that starts with the chance to win a substantial $100,000 cash reward. The drama on the show is abundant as the competitors create alliances and deal with a variety of obstacles. The audience observes how these partnerships develop and occasionally break down. The competition doubles in intensity from $100,000 to $200,000 in total prize money. For those who appreciate seeing interpersonal dynamics and obstacles emerge, this is an exciting and unpredictable reality series, since the winner is determined by a surprising twist at the end.

The participants on the show form alliances and overcome a range of challenges, which leads to a lot of drama. Kelso Pierce is one of the contestants; he may not have entered the tournament right away, but he made sure that no one in the game would take him lightly. Here are a lot more details about him.

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Details About Surviving Paradise Cast Kelso Pierce!

Kelso Pierce (@kelsopierce) made his debut with Eva in the fourth episode of the inaugural season of Surviving Paradise. Before he had to head to the camp and begin his trip as an outsider, he had roughly two hours to get to know individuals who were already in the villa. Even though he didn’t enter the competition right away, he made sure that nobody in the game would take him lightly. While entering the villa in the middle of the game, he made a statement, saying;

I love winning, but I’m not going to stab somebody in the back.

Kelso is an Alabama native who is thirty-five years old. A white, Caucasian military family from Korea adopted him when he was six months old. As per The Direct, he is a wonderful fit for the wilderness because he was raised by a military family and has experience in war zones. He is a fierce rival who promises never to back down from a fight, even if it means causing trouble for potential allies.

Kelso Pierce is more into fitness training. celebsindepth.comKelso Pierce is more into fitness training.
Source: Instagram

In the show, when Kelso got his first chance to potentially go up to the villa and become an insider, he had to choose wisely when it came to Taylor Olympios. Kelso struggled to interpret Taylor because of the ambiguous way she described the container in front of them. He consequently made the decision to turn down the package, which regrettably held the instruction, Go to the Villa. There were very few moments after the significant reorganization when it appeared as though Kelso would be able to enter the villa and take home the grand prize.

He nearly vanished into the background, failing to make an impression as a powerful player with important connections. As a result, he was never chosen to be an insider, but this also meant that he was not a walking target for expulsion. In the end, Aaron Blake decided that Kelso should be the next player eliminated from the game, following him during the last round of eliminations. Although he didn’t make the finale, he has made an impact on the show.

Meet Kelso Pierce From Surviving Paradise on Instagram!

Kelso Pierce‘s appearance in the show Surviving Paradise has made him gain more fame. Even though he didn’t enter the competition right away, he made sure that nobody in the game would take him lightly. With his increasing popularity, his fans and followers have increased on social media, including Instagram.

After appearing in Surviving Paradise, Kelso's Instagram followers have increased. celebsindepth.comAfter appearing in Surviving Paradise, Kelso’s Instagram followers have increased.
Source: Instagram

He is active on Insatgaram under the handle (@kelsopierce). He has over 69k followers and 140 posts at the time of this writing. His followers increased after his appearance in Netflix’s show Surviving Paradise, and undoubtedly they will keep on increasing. He has shared all the posts regarding his fitness by flexing his biceps. He has called himself an entrepreneur, fitness lover, traveler, and outdoorsman on his Instagram bio.