Falling for Christmas Cast: Meet the Adorable Little Girl Olivia Perez!

Nov 15, 2022 @ 6:17 GMT-0500
Falling for Christmas Cast: Meet the Adorable Little Girl Olivia Perez!

While the adorable little girl is played by Olivia Perez, the rest of the cast on Netflix's Falling for Christmas includes Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner, Alejandra Flores, Chase Ramsey, and Sean J. Dillingham. The show was released on November 10, 2022, and received mixed reviews.

A Christmas romantic comedy film on Netflix titled Falling for Christmas is directed by Janeen Damian and centers on the recently engaged and privileged hotel heiress Sierra Belmont, who is injured while skiing right before Christmas. The accident leaves her with total amnesia, which has a tremendous effect.

Fortunately, Jake Russell (along with his daughter Avy aka the cute little girl), a widower and gorgeous but down-on-his-luck lodge owner, discovers her. He offers Sierra a room in his house to care for her while she recovers her memory.

But as they spend more time together, Jake grows to love Sierra dearly. Thanks to its appealing plot, the movie is a terrific choice to watch. Although the two main characters are at the center of the narrative, fans wonder more about the other cast members.

While the Adorable Little Girl is Olivia Perez, Meet the Entire Cast of Falling for Christmas on Netflix!

The cast members of the show Falling for Christmas include Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner, Olivia Perez, Alejandra Flores, Chase Ramsey, and Sean J. Dillingham. The show was released on November 10, 2022, and received mixed reviews. Let's get to know the cast in detail!

Lindsay Lohan as Sarah or Sierra Belmont

Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) is cast as Sarah or Sierra Belmont. Sarah, a newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress, suffers from amnesia after a skiing accident.

Lindsay, who is making her eagerly anticipated cinematic debut, plays the lead role in the film. Lohan is an actress who initially became well-known as a child star. She made a name for herself in The Parent Trap, where she played a dual role, and went on to secure leading roles in movies including Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Mean Girls. She was the adolescent comedy queen and starred in several movies that are now regarded as classics.

Chase Ramsey as Terry Carver

Chase Ramsey portrays Terry Carver, the resort's guest services representative, where Sierra was staying at the Belmont Summit Resort before she was injured while skiing.

Ramsey has made countless cameo appearances in television shows throughout the years, much like a number of his co-stars have. He most recently played Officer Lucas Buono in an episode of the new Law & Order: Organized Crime. Although his roles in Falling for Christmas are largely comedic relief roles, his characters couldn't be more dissimilar.

George Young as Tad Fairchild

George Young (@instageorgey) plays the role of Tad Fairchild, Sierra's boyfriend. Just before Sierra's accident, her boyfriend Tad proposed to her. Fans are aware that he is powerless to stop her from going down the mountain and is therefore largely to blame for her injuries, even if it's unclear from the trailer if he spends the entire movie looking for her.

Over the years, Young has participated in several productions, including the CW drama series Containment. Aside from episodes of TV shows like Containment, Grace, and Déjà vu, Young's previous credits also include a part in the horror film Malignant from last year. When compared to the crime and drama roles fans are used to seeing him in, his role in Falling for Christmas is very different.

Olivia Perez as Avy

Olivia Perez (@oliviamonetperez) is cast as Avy in the film. Avy, Jake's precocious daughter, is a little girl who, despite Sierra's caustic demeanor, clicks with her right away. She may be the youngest member of the cast of Falling for Christmas, but many viewers will recognize her charming face from her role in the film version of the Broadway musical In the Heights.

Chord Overstreet as Jake Russell

Jake Russell, a dashing blue-collar lodge owner who finds himself caring for Sierra after her accident, is portrayed by Chord Overstreet (@therealmichaeldamian). After seeing Sierra lying face down in the snow at the base of the mountain, Jake, a former single father who now owns a lodge, offers to take her in. It makes sense that he would start to fall for her since he is undoubtedly the reason she is still alive.

Before he was cast as Sam Evans in one of the greatest musical television series to date, Glee, Overstreet had been acting professionally for a few years. Jake from Overstreet's enjoys singing, much like his well-known Glee character; however, he tends to perform Christmas carols rather than show tunes.

Jack Wagner as Beauregard Belmont

Jack Wagner (@jackwagnerofficial) portrays Beauregard Belmont, Sierra's father, and a hotel tycoon. Wagner will undoubtedly be recognized by fans of soap operas for his varied roles in some of the best soap operas of all time.

Although playing Frisco Jones on General Hospital is his most well-known role, he also plays Nick Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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