Lindsay Lohan Looks Old in Falling for Christmas: Here's the Untold Truth!

Nov 13, 2022 @ 13:22 GMT-0500
Lindsay Lohan Looks Old in Falling for Christmas: Here's the Untold Truth!

Lindsay Lohan, the leading cast of Netflix's Falling for Christmas, appears to be much older than she really is in 2022. Experts believe the 36-year-old star's lips are overdone in comparison to her photos from then and now, indicating that she hasn't worn her scandalous past well. Similarly, others believe it might be because of her past struggles with alcohol and drugs.

Netflix's original series Falling for Christmas, directed by Janeen Damian, is a feel-good romantic comedy, especially during the holidays. It envelops you in a warm feeling and makes you fall in love with the festive atmosphere surrounding you. If you want to binge a show that keeps making you feel good, you should start bingeing these shows right now!

The holiday rom-com romantic series starring Lindsay Lohan as Sierra and Chord Overstreet as Jake captures everything about Christmas. Sierra, a young heiress, is proposed to and falls off a cliff on the same day, creating a hilarious romantic ride. Her memory is harmed as a result of the fall, and she is diagnosed with amnesia.

The charming local bed and breakfast proprietor looks after her and eventually becomes her love interest. Sierra goes through a roller coaster of emotions throughout the film as she tries to work through her memory loss and finds herself in the midst of holiday celebrations all over again.

As the series premiered on streaming on 10 November, Lindsay Lohan has been the highlight due to her current appearance where she seemed much older than she used to be. As a result,  many viewers have been curious to know more about her and wonder about the reason behind her old look.

Previously, we discussed the little girl.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Older Than Her Actual Age in 2022: Experts Believe the 36-Year-Old Actress’ Botched Plastic Surgery and Past Addiction Might Be the Reason; Then & Now Pictures Examined!

Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan), 36, has stunned fans with a new photo in which she appears almost unrecognizable due to her older look in 2022. The Falling for Christmas actress shared photos from her recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, which coincided with the release of her new Netflix film.

She also shared a number of other photos from her conversation with Jimmy. The actress appears at ease as she jokes with the host. Comparing then and now pictures, many fans were taken aback by her current look, with some saying she appeared to be a different person.

One user commented, "Looks like a completely different person - you'd never guess that's her," and another said, "I didn't recognize her in the first photo".

Her puffy face was a far cry from the fresh-faced redhead who first appeared on the show in 2004. After struggles with alcohol, the law, and various parked cars, the presumably sober 36-year-old actress attempted to kick-start her comeback.

According to Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Leonard Grossman, Lohan's appearance demonstrates that she hasn't worn her scandal-scarred past well. "The lips are overdone," Grossman said, comparing a photo of Lohan taken last month to one taken eight years ago.

Lohan's promising career devolved into a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol, jail time, and rehab stints. Previously, she was on probation for stealing a $2,500 gold necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California.

Similarly, a few months later, while walking through Manhattan, 66-year-old rocker Debbie Harry was mistaken for the Mean Girls star. According to the New York Post, a swarm of paparazzi mistook Lohan, who was wearing large dark glasses and a thick black coat, for the Blondie frontwoman.

Lohan's appearance comes as no surprise. The actress' half-decade of personal problems appear to have taken a physical toll on her once vibrant exterior, rendering her a woman who often looks far beyond her years. SNL appearance by Lohan was as bad as her plastic surgery. Whatever acting talent she once possessed seemed to vanish as she stumbled through her lines, despite the fact that she was clearly reading them from cue cards.

According to Dr. Damon Raskin, an addiction specialist at the Cliffside Malibu rehab center that substance abuse prematurely ages the body and causes fine lines and wrinkles. Raskin explained to FOX411's Pop Tarts column, "Key signs that indicate aging and not taking care of herself are changes in skin tone and texture."

Likewise, Heather Lounsbury of Live Natural Live Well agreed that the year Lohan has spent working two jobs would leave anyone looking tired. He stated,

Overuse of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and even coffee can cause premature aging for several reasons. Dehydration, liver stress, a lack of vitamin C because these conditions deplete nutrients, decreased collagen production, and adrenal gland stress are just a few of the negative effects. That is why most addicts appear to be much older than they are.

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