FaZe Banks’ Girlfriend: Is He Still Together With Ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet?

Apr 13, 2023 @ 8:35 GMT-0500
FaZe Banks’ Girlfriend: Is He Still Together With Ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet?

FaZe Banks does not have a girlfriend and is currently single right now. The 31-year-old Youtuber was previously in a relationship with Alissa Violet but they split up after two years of dating each other. Additionally, he then started dating Tyson Salomon. While many people wonder if they're still together, their relationship ended after dating for a few months.

Few teams in the world of esports are as well-known as FaZe Clan. The team began in Call of Duty and has since moved on to games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite. FaZe Clan has won numerous esports tournaments, so its fame (and mansion) is well-deserved. However, as with many celebrity-laden teams, controversy finds its way into FaZe Clan's daily life.

FaZe Banks (real name Richard Bengston), one of the owners of FaZe Clan, is the driving force behind the group. The YouTuber has guided FaZe Clan to victory on numerous occasions, but he has also led the team into trouble. Banks have enraged a slew of celebrities and businesses eager to air grievances like dirty laundry. Additionally, FaZe personally confirms that fame and fortune frequently come with criticism and annoyance.

Previously, FaZe Banks was in a serious relationship with Jake Paul's ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet. However, it was later revealed that he and his then-girlfriend had agreed to call it quits. Recently, viewers have begun to inquire about his current romantic situation. They want to know if he has a new girlfriend. Well, we've got you covered.

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FaZe Banks’ Girlfriend: Following His Split With Alissa Violet and Tyson Salomon, the 31-Year-Old Youtuber Is Currently Single!

FaZe Banks (@banks) is currently single as he does not seem to have a girlfriend, at least not in the public. However, that does not exclude the possibility that he is seeing someone in private. Additionally, it seems that the well-known YouTuber can currently get anyone he wants to give all the fame and praise he is receiving every day.

Previously, the romance of YouTube star & FaZe co-owner with model and influencer Alissa Violet (@alissaviolet) was once the talk of the town. The two internet stars were once the social media "it" couple, but their relationship became fraught with drama, resulting in its demise. Meanwhile, Violet famously began dating Faze Banks after her breakup with YouTuber Jake Paul in 2017.

FaZe Banks with his then-girlfriend, Alissa Violet.FaZe Banks with his ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet.
Source: Distractify

Although it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, Alissa Violet doubts whether he ever truly loved her. For a while, Banks and Violet appeared to be the ideal couple. Their friendship began with cameos in each other's vlogs and grew from there. In 2017, both YouTubers confirmed they were dating, and everything seemed to be fine. However, after two years together, things began to unravel, with the model alleging that her boyfriend had cheated on her with multiple women before calling it quits.

The audience was left wondering what happened between the couple. However, Violet set the record straight in December 2019 with a huge Twitter bomb: She split from Banks because she saw him in bed with a stranger. Later, Banks appeared to try to salvage the situation with a tweet that simply read, "I love you" (despite the fact that he didn't address it to Violet), but Violet responded with a barrage of accusations that Banks had cheated on her multiple times, indicating that she has serious doubts about Banks' love.

During a December 6 episode of Logan Paul's IMPAULSIVE podcast, Banks discussed his previous relationship with Violet, stating that he has no desire to rekindle the flame. Talking about their relationship, Banks said,

The end of it was awful, it was brutal. It was like we wanted to try to make it work by all means necessary, even if it meant sacrificing our own sanity and happiness. I do not miss our relationship. No. No. You couldn’t f*cking pay me enough money in the world to do it again. But I wouldn’t change it. I wouldn’t undo it.

Regardless of his feelings about their past, Banks made it clear that he and Violet are still very close friends and have no ill will toward one another. At that time, Banks stated, “She’s my family. She always will be. I wish her nothing but the best.”

Breakups are difficult to deal with, there is no denying that! However, love finds its way into everyone's life. Faze Banks later dated Tyson Salomon, a fashion model and aspiring singer who is famously known to be the daughter of renowned voice actress and singer EG Daily, after taking a break from relationships at the time. But the couple couldn't last for long.

FaZe Banks with his ex-girlfriend, Tyson Salomon.FaZe Banks and Tyson Salomon.
Source: Edailybuzz

Despite their tense split, the two appear to be on good terms now, with the ex-couple even appearing in a few photos together in 2022, sparking rumors among fans that they'd secretly remarried. However, there is no hard evidence that Banks and Violet are still together. Nobody should consider them on speaking terms until one of them confirms or denies the rumors.

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