Fear the Walking Dead – Smallville Star Joins Season 6 Cast in Anonymous Role

A new member is soon joining the cast of Fear The Walking Dead!

Fear the Walking Dead has confirmed John Glover, who played Lionel Luthor on Smallville, will feature in season 6 as the series returns in 2021.

After the mid-season finale, FTWD released a small glimpse of the remaining nine episodes of the sixth season and introduced the Lionel Luthor star in a mysterious role.

He says in a voiceover,

Death. Destruction. Decay. It’s inevitable. But from this death comes new life.

The promo, which contains a shot of Daniel Salazar who had a pistol pointing at him, shows the character of Alicia and Glover in a dark room together. Glover’s character says,

And you are Alicia. Oh, I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long long time.

After the trailer was dropped, the star announced the casting on social media, writing,

Bringing my own wardrobe and beard to @FearTWD.

There has been no information on what role Glover is playing, but this season has brought a potentially new antagonistic gang – which seems to have carried on the phrase ‘The End Is the Beginning – creating problems for Virginia and the Pioneers.

Is there a likelihood Glover might be affiliated with that group?

The mid-season finale showcased Alicia, Charlie, and Virginia’s sister Dakota flee from Virginia with Morgan to their new community. Strand reported back to Virginia, who told him to get everyone back.

The episode also included a nod to season 4 stadium, prompting the showrunners to claim you can never rule out the possibility of Madison’s return.

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