Finding Ohana Cast Age – How Old are Netflix’s Young Stars?

There is so much hype surrounding the upcoming Netflix’s Hawaiian movie. From Maui’s Mayor declaring the day of the movie’s release as Finding Ohana day to critics lauding the film, the new Netflix movie is currently on fire. The film has a young core, and for those wondering about Finding Ohana cast age, we’ve got you covered.

Finding Ohana is the first time feature film directorial venture of comedy series director Jude Weng. Produced by award winning producer Ian Bryce, the movie was talked about a Goonies type film set in Hawaii. The trailers have done as much to show some inspiration but Ohana is seeped in Maui culture, something that is being talked up in the promotional stage of the film.

Netflix has brought together a young cast, something they have been known to do over the years. The young actors have since gone on to star in massive productions. The streaming platform has been some sort of incubation center for talents and the latest batch is stronger than ever. So, before they get famous, learn Finding Ohana cast age.

Finding Ohana Cast Age – Lead Actress Kea Peahu is 13-Years-Old

kea-peahu-13-years-old-netflix-finding-ohana-cast-ageKea Peahu is 13-years-old. Youngest in term of Finding Ohana cast age.
Image Source: Lindsay Watson Instagram

Kea Peahu plays Pili Kawena in the Netflix movie Finding Ohana. Pili is a kid from New York who gets taken all the way to a rural village in Oahu by her mother. They are there to take care of her grandfather but Pili‘s curious nature comes across a diary which talks about a long lost treasure and sends her on a quest to find it for her grandfather.

The young Oahu, Hawaii native was born on October 12 2007 to her mother Sanoi Peahu. She rose to fame at the age of 8 when her dance video along with her teacher went viral. Less than a year later she was dancing on the Ellen DeGeneres show and shot to mainstream attention with her continued viral dance videos and now she is starring in her debut movie.

YouTube Star Alex Aiono is in His Mid-20s

Alex Aiono was born on February 16 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona where he lived with his parents and three siblings. At the age of 14, Alex moved to California along with his family so he could pursue a career in music. Soon he started garnering attention on YouTube and his channel blew up after he started mashing up different songs into one.

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The 24-year-old actor from Los Angeles, California plays Ioane Kawena in the Netflix movie. In terms of Finding Ohana Cast age, he is the third oldest among the four leading actors. His character Ioane is the elder brother of Pili and someone who hates being in Oahu but still decides to help his sister in her quest.

Owen Vaccaro Plays Casper – He is 15-Years-Old

Leading a movie which grossed over $130 million at the box office, Owen Vaccaro is the most accomplished and experienced actor among the leading cast members. It is even more surprising when you realize he is only 15-years-old.

Born on 16 December 2015, Owen became interested in acting after appearing in a first grade play. He soon found an agent who place him in indie flicks but Owen shot to fame when he stole the show in Mark Whalberg and Will Ferrell starrer movie Daddy’s Home. Owen and the other child actor Scarlett Estevez were lauded for their performances in Daddy’s Home and its sequel.

Owen Vaccaro plays Casper in the Netflix movie Finding Ohana. Casper is a curious kid who comes across Pili and realizes she has the diary leading to a mystery treasure. Both Casper and Pili team up when no one helps them find the treasure and become good friends during their quest.

Finding Ohana Cast Age – Lindsay Watson is 25-Years-Old

The lesser known actor in the group is Lindsay Watson who is appearing in her debut movie. Hailing from Maui, Hawaii the actress has appeared in TV ads but this will be her first feature length production. And Lindsay is pumped to be playing a Hawaii-native character in her first outing, something she shares is a “shock.”

Lindsay Watson is 25-years-old, she was born on 3 March 1995 in Hawaii. She got her acting start in Kamehameha school. Lindsay knew acting was something she wanted to do and decided to move to Los Angeles in 2013, as soon as she finished high school.

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Not knowing what awaited her in LA, the actress still made the leap and started to appear in TV ads. After years of pursuing her dream, Lindsay is getting her dream role in Finding Ohana where she is playing Hanna. And in terms of Finding Ohana cast age, she is the oldest of the four leading actors.

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