Alex Aiono Girlfriend - Finding Ohana Star is Currently Dating a GF

Jan 23, 2021 @ 23:02 GMT-0500

Alex Aiono was 14-years-old when his family decided to move to California from Arizona, so he could pursue a career in music. That one decision changed Alex's life who is now a YouTube celebrity and starring in a Netflix movie. And for those wondering if the 24-year-old actor has a girlfriend in 2021, we can tell you for certain, he does!

Born on 16 February 1996, Alex Aiono was raised, alongside his three siblings, by his mother and father in Phoenix, Arizona. His mother is a European American while his father is a Samoan and Maori. His father came to America from New Zealand and settled in Arizona where the family lived till Alex was 14.

Pursuing his music career Alex arrived in California and started playing guitar and singing in Santa Monica. Alex also started his YouTube channel which started to blow up after he began doing flipped songs, mashing two different hits into a single song. While on YouTube the Alex also started dating, but in 2021 he has a different girlfriend, and here is everything you need to know.

Alex Aiono Girlfriend - Surprised Fans with His New GF

alex-aiono-girlfriend-2021Alex Aiono is currently dating his girlfriend Madison. They have been together for about a year.
Image Source: Alex Aiono Instagram

Similar to most YouTubers, you will find girlfriend bate videos on Alex Aiono's channel. Talking about relationships and never revealing anything about their dating lives is the best way to drive content. But Alex had previously done content with his former girlfriend Meg DeAngelis.

Meg is also a YouTuber and she appeared in a video alongside Alex to talk about relationships. But the couple broke up soon after there was nothing on the internet about the actor dating another girl. Then, thousands of fans were surprised when Alex showed off his new girlfriend Madison.

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Both were wearing Dracula Halloween costumes and in the caption, Alex called her boo. The comment section of the picture was riddled with questions and surprising comments about everyone not knowing the actor was dating. This was the first time Alex showed off his new girlfriend and then went silent again for more than two months.

Then in January 2021, Alex Aiono shared pictures with his girlfriend again and this time it was to celebrate her birthday. Alex's girlfriend Madison had her birthday on 6 January, it was an awful day for America, which the actor acknowledged in his caption.

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But the events happening in Washington was not going to deter Alex from celebrating his girlfriend's birthday. So, on 6 January he arranged for a candlelight dinner in his home. The dinner was linked with a flower guide to the couple's bed where he had white roses, shoes, and a red rose heart on the bed.

The video followed a picture of Alex and his girlfriend Madison looking at one another. While the pandemic did hinder a much larger celebration, Alex, however, seemed happier that it was only going to be the two of them celebrating Madison's birthday.

That picture and video on Instagram also had some fans surprised that Alex was dating. There were also some girls hoping for their chance to be his girlfriend, disappointed seeing the pictures. While other fans in the know praised Alex for his effort in trying to make his girlfriend feel special on her birthday.

Alex Aiono Plays Ioane in the Netflix Movie Finding Ohana

Finding Ohana is the new Netflix film that looks like Goonies but set in Hawaii. The movie is directed by Jude Weng and features a cast of mostly Hawaii born actors. Known for her comedy directorial ventures on TV and streaming platforms, Finding Ohana is Jude's first feature film.

The movie follows siblings Pili and her elder brother Ioane Kawena who move from New York to a rural village in O'ahu to take care of their grandfather. During their time their Pili comes in possession of a treasure map which sends the siblings on a hunt and brings them closer to their heritage.

Alex Aiono plays Ioane in the Netflix movie Finding Ohana. He is the elder brother of Pili and someone who is not pumped about being stuck in the village during his senior year. Ioane may seem bullish but he is a loving brother who goes after his sister, who thinks "she is Indiana Jones." And the journey brings the siblings together along with two friends they meet on the island.

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The new Netflix movie Finding Ohana will be released on 29 January 2021. The cast is led by Kea Peahu as Pili, Alex Aiono as Ioane, Lindsay Watson as Hana, and Owen Vaccaro as Casper. Along with supporting cast Kelly Hu as Leilani, Brad Kalilimoku as Kua Kawena, Ryan Higa as Ryan, and other notable Hawaiian actors.

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