Gabriel Guevara’s Girlfriend: Is He Dating Nicole Wallace?

Gabriel Guevara has not revealed his girlfriend. But his chemistry with actress Nicole Wallace, with whom he appears on the show My Fault, has raised rumors of them dating. Their recent Instagram picture of them cuddling shows that they are more than friends. Well, they have not confirmed the rumors of dating, but fans hope to see them together as a couple.

Gabriel Guevara is a Spanish actor and model. His recent appearance in “My Fault” displays impressive variety. The show shows Nick‘s active lifestyle and his developing romance with Noah, keeping viewers intrigued for the whole 117-minute running time of the movie.

Gabriel Guevara’s recent appearance in My Fault has grabbed fans attention. Nick, played by Gabriel Guevara, is presented as a young man who likes to party, gamble, brawl, drive fast automobiles, and interact with random women. While he has a love interest in the show, fans wonder about his girlfriend in real life. Is he dating actress Nicole Wallace? Let us find out.

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Gabriel Guevara’s Has Not Revealed of Having a Girlfriend!

Gabriel Guevara (@gabrieloxguevara) doesn’t have a girlfriend, as far as we know. However, he has not been safe from the rumors that he is dating actress Nicole Wallace (@itsnicolewallace). He makes an effort to avoid the spotlight and is relatively private when discussing his personal life.

Gabriel Guevara with his rumored girlfriend, Nicole Wallace. celebsindepth.comGabriel Guevara with his rumored girlfriend, Nicole Wallace.
Source: Instagram

Guevara Guevara was recently questioned by Gala about his love life. He replied that he’d just gotten out of a terrible relationship and wasn’t really thinking about getting back into the dating scene anytime soon. This implies that he was dating someone secretly. He did not go into depth regarding his former girlfriend’s involvement in the poisonous relationship, but he did express relief and peace in his life.

In general, Guevara Guevara appears satisfied with his present circumstances and has indicated that he is making the effort to meet new people and focus on his personal development. Despite the fact that his admirers are completely fixated on his relationships and love life.

Gabriel Guevara has not revealed his girlfriend. celebsindepth.comGabriel Guevara has not revealed his girlfriend.
Source: Instagram

Well, if you have been following him on his Instagram account since his career began, you may agree with us that he didn’t give any hint regarding his previous girlfriend. As per sources, previously he was dating his girlfriend, Agostina Goni. In a cafe, the couple was seen kissing and looking to be having fun together. Since then, though, it seems like Guevara and Goni have made the decision to part ways and are no longer a couple.

But he never acknowledged her as a lover and girlfriend; Maybe he was not sure to share with the public. As of now, he might not be openly seeing anyone, but there is a chance that he is seeing someone in private. So it’s definitely risky to draw conclusions too quickly.

Is Gabriel Guevara Dating His Girlfriend Nicole Wallace? Are They Together?

Many fans, especially ladies, have been drawn to Gabriel Guevara by his portrayals of youthful characters and his breathtaking images. He exudes a charming youth that perfectly suits his character. People are interested in learning more about the actor’s real-life love interest, even if he has previously played the love interest of women in films. And recently rumors of him dating actress Nicole Wallace has surfaced.

Well, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but what’s with the rumor of him dating Gabriel Guevara? As you go through his recent Instagram posts, you could notice that he has a very good and most gossiped-about chemistry with actress and also his costar Nicole Wallace. They shared a picture of them hugging and touching their tongues with a caption:

Thanks for the welcome estamos we are eternally grateful and that’s why we leave you our favorite photos here! number 1 lol

Soon fans commented on the post, and several of them were regarding their relationship and asking them about it. Well, many actors do these things during the time of their promotion of the movie or show. But theirs were on another level. One of the users commented, “Gull, this doesn’t look like friends to me.”

In “My Fault,” their chemistry is clear to see. Nicole and Gabriel have worked together before. In Skam Espana, where Gabriel played Cristian, the two co-starred. Nicole Wallace, who starred in the movie My Fault, admitted that she repeatedly shot her first kiss with Gabriel Guevara in order to get it just right. Wallace plays Noah, an opinionated girl who can’t stop falling for Nick (played by Guevara), the bad-boy son of her mother’s wealthy new husband, in her breakthrough role.

Although they have not confirmed if they turned their onscreen chemistry into real life, fans have been rooting for them. Well, many fans were happy regarding their friendship and their chemistry, and many asked them to start dating if they were not.