Gelila Bekele

Gelila Bekele is a model, activist, filmmaker and a vocal supporter of equal rights for little girls in her home country of Ethiopia. The model was born to her parents in Ethiopia, where she lived most of her early life until her work opportunity resulted in Gelila moving away from her home.

Gelila was born on 4 September 1986 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she lived for a while before she was discovered by a modeling agency. Coming from a middle-class family and pretty thin interest in spending time on books, Gelila dreamed of becoming a model, and soon, she was given the opportunity when a modeling agency spotted her in her hometown.

Gelila Bekele is from Ethiopia where she visits from time to time.Gelila Bekele was born in Ethiopia where she visits every so often.
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Since being spotted, the model appeared in multiple ad campaigns and formally started her career in 2006 when she was only 19 years old. From then on, the model appeared in campaigns for Levi’s, Diesel, L’Oreal, Michael Kors, Anna Sui, H&M, Tory Burch, and multiple other reputed brands after signing with the modeling company Ford Models. Jetting between American and Europe, the model made her career on both sides of the pond, and while in America, she was also able to find love.

Who is Gelila Bekele’s Boyfriend and Partner Tyler Perry?

Gelila Bekele and Tyler Perry are in a relationship for over 10 years.Gelila Bekele and Tyler Perry met in 2009 and are still together.
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Tyler Perry was born Emmitt Perry Jr. on 13 September 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana, to a carpenter “father,” Emmitt Perry Sr., and mother, Willie Maxine Perry. His childhood was not so pleasant; in a few interviews, he spoke of the brutality of his father and how his go-to method was to beat the hell out of Tyler.

The beating got so bad; the future actor/director/producer was on the verge of committing suicide if it meant the beating would stop. At the age of 16, the actor changed his name to Tyler in order to distance him as far away from his father as possible. Then he moved on to make a career in the show business. Later on, in 2010, Tyler revealed during an interview with the Oprah where he explained the fact the man who raised him was not his biological father.

Tyler Perry is the first black person to own a movie studio which spans 350 acres in Atlanta.Tyler Perry is the first black person to own a movie studio, which spans 350 acres in Atlanta.
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After the death of his mother, he got a DNA test with his brother and father, and they did not match his, which made it certain Emmitt was never his father. To this day, Tyler Perry does not know who his biological father is.

The personal life of Tyler Perry is tragic, which is why it is amazing the one character which made him famous is the one where he dresses up as a tough elderly African American woman who is known for her creative ways of getting back at people. The Madea movies brought a lot of fame and criticism along his way and also made him a rich man.

Watch: Tyler Perry as Madea on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

While his career was going in a varying trajectory, the actor/director met Gelila Bekele in and around 2009. They formed a connection and were going out after a while, which turned into a romantic relationship, and the couple moved in together.

Birth of Her Son; Are Gelila and Tyler Married?

Gelila Bekele and Tyler Perry welcomed their first child, a son, Aman Tyler Perry in 2014.Gelila Bekele and Tyler Perry welcomed their first child, a son, Aman Tyler Perry in 2014.
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After almost five years into their relationship, the couple was expecting a baby; the duo announced the pregnancy, and on 30 November 2014, their son, Aman Tyler Perry, was born healthy and well.

The couple enjoys a loving relationship, but to this date, there no rings on neither of their fingers, and it seems the couple is comfortable not labeling their relationship. They love each other, and both of them care for their son, which is why they probably feel as though there is no need to tie the knot.

Gelila’s Career Beyond Modeling

Gelila Bekele with kids in Ethipia.Gelila Bekele advocates for social justice causes in her home country of Ethiopia.
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Gelila stopped modeling a while ago, and she turned her focus to social justice in her home country. She advocates for the rights of little girls to get equal opportunities as boys, and most of her issues are focused on getting people their fundamental rights.

Not only an activist, but she is also a documentary filmmaker who directed Mai: Life is not Honey, and then she executive produced another documentary Anbessa. Gelila is also a writer who got her book ‘Guzo!’ published, which is about the daily life struggles of the people in her country.

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