George Santos’ Plastic Surgery: Reddit Users Are Curious About His Before and After Photos!

George Santos had always sparked speculation about plastic surgery because he never aged and remained youthful. Reddit users thought he had undergone fillers and Botox and sought his before and after pictures. Although George Santos has not confirmed or denied the rumors, even a fluctuation in his weight/weight loss could have sparked accusations about his plastic surgery.

Since 2023, George Santos has been the U.S. representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district. Santos, a Republican, unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Thomas Suozzi in the 2020 election before winning the seat in 2022. He has often made untrue or questionable statements about his life narrative, professional background, financial situation, and faith in both public and private.

Numerous news organizations reported six weeks after his election that a sizable portion of his self-published biography appeared to be false, including assertions about his ancestry, education, employment, involvement in charitable causes, ownership of the real estate, and crimes of which he claimed to be a victim.

In 2018, he knocked on the door of Republican Vickie Paladino, who was then campaigning for State Senate and ultimately elected to the New York City Council, using the alias Anthony Devolder. He inquired about working for her campaign, advocating for the construction of a no-kill animal shelter in College Point, and claiming to work on Wall Street and have access to wealthy contributors. His justifications for what the Devolder Organization accomplished have been contradictory. He claimed to be the only owner and managing member of the Devolder Organization, a family-owned business that oversaw assets worth $80 million, according to his financial filings.

Paladino’s crew didn’t hear anything more from him after he took a few campaign signs. The following year, a petition drive to elect Santos to the Queens County Republican Committee was unsuccessful in gathering enough signatures to put him on the ballot. As of January 2023, Santos was the subject of an investigation by Brazilian, New York State, Nassau County, and U.S. federal officials after he admitted to lying about his degree and work.

A GoFundMe campaign to raise money for troubled Rep. George Santos and an investigation into Richard Osthoff, a Navy veteran, have both been contacted by the FBI. In addition to the rising number of legal problems and controversies that Santos, R-N.Y., is facing, Osthoff confirmed the call from the FBI, and people with knowledge of the situation confirmed the nature of the inquiry.

Rumors of plastic surgery have spread due to George Santos’s appearance following the latest case. How he managed to look so youthful was all anyone could help but notice and become a little alarmed about. Here are some specifics regarding his procedure!

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George Santos’ Plastic Surgery: Reddit Users Believe He Had Botox and Fillers Based on Before and After Photos!

Looking at George Santos‘s (@santos4_congress) before and after pictures, we could be sure that he has undergone plastic surgery. His face appears to have been significantly smoothed. His facial creases and lines appeared to have been removed. He has the appearance of a very solidified phantom.

There is no denying that The Republican Party member, George Santos has a really attractive appearance. This raises the question: Is he all-natural, or did he undergo plastic surgery? At his age, he couldn’t possibly seem that young without any artificial enhancements. Reddit users have provided their responses to that query. They think he’s had Botox and fillers.

Because there is no other way to tell that a person is aging and getting older, people over the age of 30 begin to develop a few wrinkles and lines. By that standard, George Santos must already be displaying symptoms of age, yet here he is, looking the same as he has always looked.

As a result, it was natural for many to speculate that the television personality got Botox. Yes, he had to have received anti-wrinkle injections and fillers; that is how he managed to maintain that level of wrinkle-freeness. By the age of 35, one should have some lines and wrinkles, even with the best skincare, a healthy diet, and a strict exercise regimen. George Santos’ skin was as smooth and taut as it had been when he was younger, leading many to believe he had undergone fillers. His face was devoid of creases and wrinkles, and it wasn’t all loose and drooping down. In any case, he appears to have mastered the use of plastic surgery to look naturally young.

Other explanations besides cosmetic procedures exist. Given that even a fluctuation in his weight could have sparked accusations about his plastic surgery, some people assumed that he would be predisposed to lead an extremely active lifestyle. Given his advanced age, he did appear to be in excellent physical condition. As a result, many people credited his youth and vitality at his age. However, he has never validated or refuted any of these claims made regarding plastic surgery.

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