Ghost Aydan

Ghost Aydan is a professional e-sports participant who began his career as a Twitch gamer. The well-renowned video gamer gained fame as a part of Ghost Gaming, an e-sports organization focussed on developing promising talents with the aim to reach new heights collectively.

Born on 25th April 1999 as Aydan Conrad in Ridgeville, Ohio, the gamer is most recognized for his impressive skills as a builder in the online video game Fortnite. The talented gamer competed in Epic Games’ Summer Skirmish Series that was held in 2018.

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One of Ghost’s most notable achievements to date is the victory in a much-hyped Fortnite match, over fellow gamer and FaZe Clan member Nick Kolcheff (better known by his channel NickMercs).

Aydan became a member of Ghost Gaming on 3rd August 2018 which helped him gain further exposure. He is widely known for his risk-taking nature and aggressive playing style.

Ghost Aydan is dating his girlfriend Danielle Sweets (Miss Sweets)

Ghost Aydan is dating his girlfriend Miss Sweets (Real name: Danielle Sweets).

Ghost Aydan is dating his girlfriend Miss Sweets (Real name: Danielle Sweets)
Source: Miss Sweets Twitter

Ghost Aydan is in a relationship with his girlfriend Danielle Sweets (Miss Sweets) who prefers to be called Dani or Sweets (better known by her username ‘Misssweets8’). Although the exact time frame of when they began dating is anybody’s guess, it’s a well-known fact that they are extremely close to each other.

On 11th July 2019, Ghost’s GF Miss Sweets posted an adorable tweet revealing the couple went on a Farris wheel the other night.

Ghost Aydan and his girlfriend / GF Danielle Sweets / Dani / Miss Sweets.

The duo often plays Fortnite together. Aydan never seems to hesitate to share the moments with his fans on social media. On 7th February 2019, he posted a video titled ‘I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? *30 KILL WIN*’

Back in 2019, there was also this hilarious moment where he accidentally kills his girlfriend in Fortnite.

The gamer expresses his shock as he says,

I killed Miss Sweets. What?! She’s my girlfriend.

Aydan continues, “I just killed my girlfriend, dude. I’m not ******* joking!”


Sweets, meanwhile, is from Illinois, USA and celebrates her birthday on 8th October. She is best known as a Fortnite player. Her Twitch profile states she began gaming around the age of 5 after picking up Nintendo 64 for the first time and she never looked back since.

Dani loves anime and claims to watch every single one anyone could recommend and more. Her favorites include Bleach, Fruits Basket, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

The couple’s common interest is definitely the reason the two got close. It remains to be seen when Aydan decides to turn his GF into his wife.

Aydan’s Smurfing Controversy

Ghost Aydan was at the center of smurfing controversy in 2019.

Ghost Aydan was at the center of smurfing controversy in 2019.
Source: Dexerto

During the large parts of September 2019, Aydan was smurfing in Fortnite. This basically means he was using another account to compete against low-rank players for more content.

Although his endeavor was largely successful as he managed to make a world record with 42 eliminations, he faced backlash and invited hatred towards him. He was subsequently banned for a day.

The gamer’s Instagram was hacked on 4th April 2019

Merely a day after Fortnite’s official Twitter was hacked in April 2019, another victim fell prey to the hackers. It was none other than Aydan from Ghost Gaming.

Unlike Fortnite’s Twitter who got their account back almost instantly, Aydan did not carry such luck as his Instagram remained hacked for hours. The hacker, meanwhile, seemed rather odd as he made a bunch of weird posts.

Meanwhile, Aydan’s Instagram account no longer exists. There are no whereabouts of his new official account either.

Aydan’s dream is to provide entertaining streams for the audience he can call ‘family’

Ghost Aydan claims his dream career is the one where he can stream and entertain the fun-loving audience whom he can call family. His pursuit is certainly going in the right direction as he’s a household name in the world of e-sports.

Aydan’s entire family is into gaming. As a matter of fact, his mother, Sydney (AydansMom) is a moderator and frequently interacts in his Twitch chat. Likewise, his father, Justin (GhostAydansdad) occasionally plays video games with him.

Aydan's entire family (including both his parents) is into gaming.

Aydan’s entire family (including both his parents) is into gaming.
Source: Fort Settings

The whole family started from N64 before upgrading to Gamecube, Ps2, Ps3, Ps4, and eventually PC. The online gamer reveals his passion for gaming really took off when he got his hands on PC games.

Primarily just a Fortnite streamer, Ghost hopes to transition into lots of other games in the future that his fans would love and enjoy. His sole motive is to become a better entertainer, but most significantly a better person.

What is Ghost Aydan’s Net Worth?

Ghost Aydan boasts an impressive net worth of $250,000.

Ghost Aydan boasts an impressive net worth of $250,000.
Source: Aydan Twitter

Prior to Fortnite and becoming a part of Ghost Gaming, Aydan used to stream Call of Duty and was briefly a part of FaZe Clan. His stardom rose following his association with Ghost Gaming.

Aydan’s fandom grew even bigger when he defeated NickMercs four consecutive times in Titled Towers during the Summer Skirmish series of Fortnite. The skilled gamer has accumulated a grand total of $169,833 from 28 tournaments.

As of 2019, Aydan’s net worth is estimated to be $250,000.

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