Gigi Maguire’s Ex-boyfriend, Mike Kyser: Husband, Baby Father!

Mike Kyser was Gigi Maguire’s ex-boyfriend. As per sources, she was previously in a violent and controlling relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who told her she couldn’t continue pole dancing, but we are not sure if Mike was the one she talked about. There is no information about her husband or the baby’s father. Kaiya Capri and Averie Maguire are her two daughters.

Gigi Maguire is a well-known podcast host. She is also well-known as a podcast presenter and is well-recognized as one of Angela Yee‘s renowned Lip Service program’s voices. She has also become extremely famous on social media, with over 80,000 followers on Instagram.

Gigi Maguire is now the podcast speaker for Angela Yee’s show “Lips Service.” Her transformation from a stripper in a tiny bar to a successful entrepreneur is extremely inspirational. She has now grabbed fans’ attention regarding her personal life, especially her ex-boyfriend and her husband or let us say, baby father. So let us get into detail.

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Gigi Maguire Had an Ex-boyfriend, Mike Kyser, Who Was Thought to Be Controlling!

Gigi Maguire (@gigimaguire) left her 11-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend in 2019 and returned to Atlanta. And now, viewers have been more interested to learn about him. And the reason behind their ended relationship. So who is he, and what happened between them? Let’s find out!

As per sources, Gigi Maguire was previously in a violent and controlling relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Mike Kyser, who told her she couldn’t continue pole dancing. PoleFanAddicts, Inc. She owns PoleFanAddicts Inc., through which she and other instructors offer seven levels of pole dance and sexy fitness programs.

Gigi Maguire's ex-boyfriend was violent and controlling. celebsindepth.comGigi Maguire’s ex-boyfriend was violent and controlling.
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Anglea Lee recruited Gigi Maguire to co-host her Lip Services, podcast episode in 2014. Celebrities are invited to the Lip Services podcast, where they discuss their relationships and sex life. Her ex-boyfriend was friends with Jay Z and Angela Lee.

Speaking about Gigi Maguire’s ex-boyfriend, Michael Kyser has been designated the Atlantic Records Group’s first president of black music. Atlantic Chairman/COO Julie Greenwald and Chairman/CEO Craig Kallman made the news today. he began his music career with Def Jam Recordings two decades ago and joined Atlantic Records in 2004 as Executive Vice President of Urban Music. He has known Greenwald and Warner Music Group Vice Chairman and CEO Lyor Cohen for a long time.

Michael discussed it and stated that it was a dream come true, which is an understatement. The tradition of black music at Atlantic Records is unparalleled in the business, and it is both humbling and exciting to take on this new position at a label with such an incredible legacy. He praised Julie and Lyor for their amazing encouragement, support, and belief in me over the last two decades, and Craig for joyfully welcoming me into the Atlantic family.

Mike Kyser was Gigi Maguire's ex-boyfriend. celebsindepth.comMike Kyser was Gigi Maguire’s ex-boyfriend.
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However, despite becoming so well known, Michael Kyser had a controversial relationship with Gigi Maguire. He said something to Nicki about Ole Girl that she refuses to repeat. Fans, however, must know what he said! One of the sites said that he stumbled across stories about his love life while performing his routine study. In 2015, he went on Lip Service alongside his ex-girlfriend Gigi Maguire and bestie Angela Yee to discuss their 6-month split. She said;

We fck’n four bitches at the same damn time, and you still gotta…

However, it’s still confusing if Michael Kyser was the ex-boyfriend of Gigi Maguire, who was abusive because apart from him, no other boyfriend is revealed about whom we could discuss. This is our possible guess that he was the one who fans considered her abusive partner.

Meet Mike Kyser’s Ex-boyfriend, Husband, and Baby Father!

Gigi Maguire started dating at the age of 16 and gave birth to her daughter Capri in 2017. This proves that she has been in a relationship since her youth. Her partner, though, was murdered two years later. So to whom was she married? Who is her husband? Let’s find out about her baby’s father.

Gigi Maguire called it quits on her 11-year romance, with her ex-boyfriend. She was then invited to participate in the Beyond the Pole exhibition. She spoke about her experiences as a stripper as well as her thoughts on the show. “Her job is to do the dancing, and in the meantime, they have to stand in front of strangers,” she stated. Gigi, on the other hand, courageously exposed her challenges to the public, even though many people consider strippers. She did, however, add that pole dancers, like everyone else, have goals and deserves to live a respectable life.

Gigi Maguire's husband or the baby's father are unknown. celebsindepth.comGigi Maguire’s husband or the baby’s father is unknown.
Source: Instagram

However, when talking about her husband’s identity and the baby’s or children’s father, she has not revealed any details about him. Kaiya Capri and Averie Maguire are Gigi Maguire’s two kids. However, there was no information on her husband or even if she was married. We don’t know who Averie’s father is. She might have wanted to keep all the things private about her boyfriend, or, let’s say, husband.