Gleyber Torres' Beautiful Married Relationship with Wife Elizabeth Torres

Oct 13, 2019 @ 16:18 GMT-0500
Gleyber Torres' Beautiful Married Relationship with Wife Elizabeth Torres

Not everyone is fortunate enough to bump into a partner who is both caring and supportive through even the doom and gloom. If you ever find one, you better make sure you never let go. The New York Yankees’ shortstop Gleyber Torres is undoubtedly fortunate in this regard as he couldn’t have bumped into a more amazing partner than his current spouse.

Torres shares a beautiful love story with a pretty breathtaking person. You wouldn’t believe the way he proposed to his special one. Everything about his love life seems to be marvelous, to say the least, with special thanks to his better half.

Gleyber Torres’s blissful married relationship with his wife, Elizabeth Torres

Gleyber Torres and girlfriend turned wife Elizabeth Torres are married since 2017.

Gleyber Torres and Elizabeth Torres are married since 2017.
Source: Gleyber Torres Instagram

Gleyber Torres is married to his girlfriend turned wife Elizabeth Torres since 2017. The couple first met three years earlier in 2014, and their love story began soon after. In April 2017, this adorable duo decided to take the next step in their relationship and tied the knot.

Perhaps it was always destiny that the couple would end up with each other. It sounds like cliché, but this duo definitely completes each other and, as a matter of fact, makes each other better with each passing day. Gleyber’s skyrocketing career is a case in point, which would not have been possible without his old lady.

Gleyber Torres and wife Elizabeth Torres at the ASG 2019 Red Carpet.

Gleyber Torres and Elizabeth Torres at the ASG 2019 Red Carpet.
Source: Torres Instagram

Back in May 2018, the Yankees’ phenom had a Q&A with MLB, where he talked about his professional as well as his personal life. Torres revealed he met his future wife in Caracas back when he was in the Minor Leagues. She’s been a massive support to him ever since. He added,

We shared a lot, and there came a time that we felt it was necessary and had a desire to get married, and it was then when I started that love story with her.

The forthcoming proposal was nothing short of beautiful. The pitcher said he consulted with his then-girlfriend, and he knew she was quite eager for her boyfriend to pop the question. Gleyber then gathered the courage to get down on his knee; however, he did not do it in front of just her. He took it to a whole new level.

I went to her house, and in front of her parents, I proposed to her.

The proposal subsequently led to the wedding, and both of them looked adorable on their big day.

On their second anniversary, the couple enjoyed a romantic dinner outside on the beach. Torres being a true romantic, took to Instagram sharing a beautiful message for his wife, which he wrote in his native Spanish language. Worry not, we’ve got you covered with an English translation.

The message reads,

Happy 2nd Anniversary my beautiful love ❤️ Thankful for you so much you can not imagine, we continue to grow and learn from everything that is coming and the things that are missing, that thousands of good things that continue to be fulfilled and that you are by my side to enjoy them together, Thank you princess I love you.

The couple is yet to share any children, but it might not be long before this wonderful duo welcomes bundles of joy into their life.

Torres says his wife has been with him through thick and thin

Gleyber Torres enjoying his off day in London with wife Elizabeth Torres.

Gleyber Torres enjoying his off day in London with Elizabeth Torres.
Source: Gleyber Insta

One of the significant reasons Gleyber Torres has managed to achieve the success he’s had can be largely credited to his gorgeous partner. She’s been there with him during both the best and the worst moments in his career.

Gleyber says, whenever he was negative, she sparkled like a positive ray of light. In fact, Elizabeth’s helped him in everything he’s ever needed.

She was always supporting me and still continues to do so in everything. She always gives me advice. In the bad moments that I have, she believes strongly in always being positive, and being with her has helped me a lot in my career.

This beautiful couple also loves traveling together to several places. On Valentine’s day in 2019, Gleyber shared a photo of the pair enjoying a luau dinner outside, while the sun is shining brightly in the background.

Gleyber Torres and wife Elizabeth Torres celebrating Valentine's Day 2019.

Gleyber and Elizabeth celebrating Valentine's Day 2019.
Source: Torres Instagram

The lovebirds are definitely living their life to the fullest. During the offseason in October 2018, the duo went on a vacation to beautiful Hawaii.

The beautiful couple Gleyber Torres and wife Elizabeth Torres traveled to Hawaii during the offseason in 2018.

The beautiful couple traveled to Hawaii during the offseason in 2018.
Source: Gleyber's Insta

There remains little doubt Torres is incredibly lucky to have such a fun-loving, caring and supportive partner in his life. In fact, they both are fortunate to end up in each other’s arms.

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