Go Hyun-Jung From Mask Girl: Find the Kim Mo-mi Actress on Instagram!

Aug 21, 2023 @ 10:51 GMT-0500
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Go Hyun-Jung From Mask Girl: Find the Kim Mo-mi Actress on Instagram! celebsindepth.com

Go Hyun-Jung, who plays the role of Kim Mo-mi in Netflix's Mask Girl, previously retired after marrying chaebol Chung Yong-jin in 1995 but returned to performing following their divorce in 2003. Furthermore, she doesn't seem to have an Instagram account.

Netflix's Mask Girl is a TV show based on Mae-mi and Hee-se's Naver webtoon of the same name. This South Korean thriller tells the narrative of Kim Mo-mi, an office worker who is self-conscious about her appearance. Go Hyun-Jung plays Mo-mi, an intense character with a secret existence as a veiled internet star. However, a series of unfortunate and unforeseen occurrences end up taking over her life.

The show, directed by Kim Young-hoon, explores themes of vengeance, identity, and the depths of human emotions. For fans of thrillers and dark comedies, this gripping story delves into the depths of human nature.

Since the release of the series, people have been fascinated by Go Hyun-Jung's character. As a result, they are curious to know more about her personal background. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Mask Girl: Go Hyun-Jung Got Her Breakthrough After Appearing in Sandglass in 1995!

Go Hyun-Jung from Mask Girl is a South Korean actress who made her acting debut as a runner-up for Miss Korea in 1989 and went on to star in Sandglass (1995), one of the highest-rated and critically praised dramas in Korean television history.

Born on March 2, 1971, in Hwasun, South Jeolla, South Korea, the 52-year-old actress earned a degree in Performing Arts from Dongguk University. She finished second in the Miss Korea competition in 1989, launching her acting career. However, her major break came in the SBS program Sandglass in 1995.

Go Hyun-Jung plays the role of Kim Mo-mi in Netflix's Mask Girl. celebsindepth.comGo Hyun-Jung plays the role of Kim Mo-mi in Netflix's Mask Girl. 
Image Source: Shoebiz Hut

Although Go Hyun-Jung announced her departure from the industry after her marriage,  she later made a comeback in 2005 with the melodrama Spring Day, which she followed with the May-December romantic comedy What's Up Fox? and the police procedural H.I.T.

Later, Go reclaimed her position as Korea's leading actress in 2009, when she starred as the femme fatale royal consort Lady Mishil in the blockbuster historical drama Queen Seondeok. She was not the titular primary character, but her portrayal as the queen's power-hungry main opponent was compelling enough for viewers to recall the drama as Mishil's story.

That same year, Go Hyun-Jung startled fans not only by appearing on a TV entertainment show for the first time in 15 years (popular discussion show Golden Fishery presented by comedian Kang Ho-dong) but also by very candidly addressing rumors regarding her clouded personal life. She was once famous for refusing to appear on entertainment programs other than dramas or films, and she kept a mysterious image for a long period.

On June 13, 2010, twenty-one years after making her acting debut, Go had her first fan meeting—she held a press conference beforehand, sang songs for the 500 admirers in attendance, answered questions, and prepared video clips.

Despite production challenges, Go Hyun returned to television ten months later in Daemul, which means big shot or big thing in Korean. Likely, she also narrated the SBS documentary The Last Tundra - Movie Edition, which provided a unique peek into the lives of the Nenets, the last reindeer herding nomads in the Siberian tundra.

Similarly, in 2016, Go starred in the family melodrama Dear My Friends as a freelance translator, a nuanced and often abrasive character who examines the lives of the elderly people around her. Later, she appeared in the judicial thriller drama Return in 2018. However, it was stated halfway through the series that she had dropped out owing to irreconcilable differences with the PD.

Furthermore, Go Hyun-Jung co-starred in the second season of My Lawyer, Mr. Jo with Park Shin-Yang in early 2019. Later, Reflection of You, a JTBC melodrama based on Jung So-Hyeon's novel, premiered in 2021, more than two years after her previous effort.

More About Go Hyun-Jung's Married Life!

Go Hyun-Jung was previously married to Chung Yong-jin but got divorced in 2003. celebsindepth.comGo Hyun-Jung was previously married to Chung Yong-jin but got divorced in 2003. 
Image Source: itzone.com.vn

Go Hyun-Jung married Chung Yong-Jin (@yj_loves), vice chairman and CEO of Shinsegae Group and grandson of Samsung founder Lee Byung-Chul, in May 1995, at the height of her career. The couple initially met by chance in New York, when Chung offered to help Go get a seat at the Winter Garden Theatre because her English was so poor.

Later, Go declared her retirement from acting after the most talked-about wedding in Korea at the time in order to focus on her new career as a chaebol's wife. They had two children together: a son in 1998 and a daughter in 2000.

After eight years of marriage, Go Hyun filed for divorce in November 2003, losing entire custody of her children. Shinsegae issued a decree two years after the divorce stating that none of its department stores would be allowed to exhibit any Go-related advertising, including any of her product endorsements.

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