Guy Boucher’s Scar: Did He Get Into an Accident?

Many people are curious to know about Guy Boucher’s facial scar, but he has denied talking about it. Some people think that the scar might be something related to s*x, while others think that it’s due to his anger issue. Till now, nothing is clear about it, while the scar is similar to the dueling scar.

Guy Boucher is a Canadian professional ice hockey coach currently an assistant coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He started gaining fame between 1991 and 1995 when he played right wing with the McGill Redmen. Recently, he has been in the headlines after the Tampa Bay Lightning released him from his duties as head coach.

Yes, Guy will not be seen as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning. The announcement was made by Yzerman, who mentioned that he is not satisfied with the direction the team is heading and that he believes making a change today is in the best interest of our franchise. The decision was made after a 5-3 loss to the Ottawa Senators. Many people seem to be very upset with the news, and people believe that Boucher has tried to give 100% to the team, but he had bad luck.

After the announcement, many people seemed curious about Guy Boucher’s personal life. In this article, we will be talking about his scar, his personal life, and his current professional situation. To learn more, read this article.

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Guy Boucher Has Denied Talking About Scar!

Guy Boucher Scar has created a lot of rumors. While he has denied talking about it, some people think that it’s the result of some folly or clumsy activities. His scar is on the right cheek, and he has mentioned that it’s not hockey-related. Many people think that his scar has made him look like a James Bond villain.

Guy Boucher stated that he doesn't like to talk about his scar. celebsindepth.comGuy Boucher stated that he doesn’t like to talk about his scar.
Source: Twittter

There has been a lot of discussion regarding Guy Boucher’s facial scar since the beginning of his career. Well, people who are involved in sports usually have scars. Some people love to hide their scars while some don’t, and Guy has never tried to hide them. At the beginning of their careers, many people thought that was a scar due to sport.

Guy Boucher’s scar has also gained different attention on the internet. Peopel on Reddit has commented on many reasons regarding his scar. Some of the people thought that it was possibly s*x-related, while others said that it happened due to his anger issue. One of the users said that, after many, many seconds of research, he found that it happened when Guy scratched his face particularly badly after a poor call. The Internet thinks that the scar is due to his foolishness, and he doesn’t want everyone to know about his dum activities.

Is an Accident the Reason Behind Guy Boucher’s Scar?

Guy Boucher‘s scar is on his right cheek and is C-shaped. Although rumors suggest he had an accident, there are no proofs. The shape cannot be ignored, and many people have even compared the scar to the Le Chiffre character’s scar in Casino Royale, Boucher is sometimes referred to as a James Bond villain. The scar is so big that if you see his picture only once, you can’t unsee it. When he was asked about the reason behind his scar, he pointed out the reason and said:

it is not hockey-related. I did not tell anybody back home, so it is like this little enigma. My kids do not even know.

What Is Guy Boucher Currently Doing? Does He Belong to Germany and Australia?

As of October 2023, Guy Boucher is working as an assistant coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The news of Guy being the assistant coach was recently announced by the team. He moved into their roles after former assistant coach Spencer Carbery was hired in May to be the Washington Capitals’ new head coach. Well, we hope this time luck will favor him and he won’t be free from his duties.

Guy Boucher is a Canadian. celebsindepth.comGuy Boucher is a Canadian.
Source: Twitter

Guy Boucher was born and raised in Notre-Dame-du-Lac, Quebec. Although he is Canadian, some people think that he might have something to do with Australia and Germany due to his scar. His facial scar is similar to the dueling scar, which used to be seen as a badge of honor in the 1980s. Those types of scars were popular among upper-class Germans and Austrians involved in academic fencing at the start of the 20th century.