Mehgan James Boyfriend in 2023: Married With Kedrick Brown? Rumors With Rob!

As of 2023, Mehgan James is single, and she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Previously, she was in a relationship with former professional basketball player Kendrick, but till now she hasn’t gotten married or had a child. Kedrick and Mehgan didn’t last long because Kedrick cheated on her with other girls. Before, she was also rumored to be dating Rob Kardashian.

Mehgan James is a famous model and reality television star best known for her appearance in season nine of the American Reality TV series Bad Girls Club. Recently she has been in the news after her appearance in the Basketball Wives. Have you watched the new season of Basketball Wives 2023?

Basketball Wives of 2023 is currently available on Philo, FuboTV, and DirecTV. Many known faces, including Ashley Snell, Danielle Miller, Lyndzie Marble, Mackenzie Hyatt, Mehgan James, and Morgan Bledsoe, are seen on the show. On the premiere day, Meghan posted a video of herself being ready for the day by telling her fans not to miss the show. Many fans seem to love the show, and Meghan’s appearance has made many people happy.

After the premiere of the Basketball Wives, Mehgan seems to be the topic of gossip. People are curious to know about her love life, dating life, and her current boyfriend. To know about her boyfriend as of 2023, read this article.

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Mehgan James Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend as of 2023!

Mehgan James (@mehganjames) claims to have a boyfriend as of 2023. Although she has not mentioned dating anyone, some of her fans are guessing there is something she is hiding. In the past, she was in a relationship with Kedrick Brown and was also rumored to date Rob Kardashian. However, she has not been married until now and has a child.

Mehgan James found that her former boyfriend  Kedrick Brown was cheating on her. celebsindepth.comMehgan James found that her former boyfriend  Kedrick Brown was cheating on her.
Source: Instagram

If you know Mehgan, you might be familiar with her love life. Recently, she has been in a discussion about dating someone secretly. The rumors started after people noticed the random quotes from Meghan that she posted on Instagram. She also seems to be very happy with her current life, which might be a hint regarding her personal life.

Although Mehgan has not talked about her love life as of 2023, people want to know what she has been hiding from her fans. She is currently single, but she has dated many known faces in her past life. One of her most talked-about relationships was with Rob Kardashian. Is she still dating Rob?

Mehgan James Isn’t Married; Rumors Rob Kardashian!

The rumors about Rob Kardashian being Meghan James‘s boyfriend started flooding all over the internet in 2017. Many of the closest people believed that the couple was dating, but both of them denied it. When Mehgan was asked about her dating life, she said that she is not dating Rob, nor will she have dated him in the past. She also mentioned:

I do not control the media, BUT we all know who has the media on their payroll. Sooo … don’t point any fingers this way! I’m just ‘Megan something’ that most of you ‘never heard of.’ I don’t have that type of power. I was just as confused as anyone else and was told not to even entertain it.

At that time, an insider close to James also told online news that Rob was just a close friend of Meghan, and the rumors about Rob being her boyfriend were just street gossip. He also said that Mehgan was supporting Rob and his business. It was hard to say anything about their relationship at that time, and the relationship rumors ended without any conclusion.

Relationship Details Between Kedrick Brown and Mehgan James!

The only person Mehgan James has admitted as her boyfriend till 2023 is Kedrick Brown. The couple started dating when Mehgan used to work as a waitress. However, the couple didn’t last long as Mehgan found out that Kedrick was cheating on him.

Albert Kedrick Brown, also known as Kedrick Brown, is an American former professional basketball player and coach. He started gaining fame in 2001 after he made his NBA debut, playing five minutes in a 108-89 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. As of 2023, he is assumed to be single, and he is not dating anyone.

Mehgan James was rumored of dating Rob Kardashian. celebsindepth.comMehgan James was rumored of dating Rob Kardashian.
Source: Instagram

During an interview, when Mehgan was asked about her relationship with Kendrick, she stated that she found out that Kendrick was hiding her stuff when he brought home other women, so she set up a trap for Kendrick to confirm her suspicions. At first, she started to notice that her bag of stuff would be in his trash closet. The couple got separated in 2014, and when Mehgan was asked about their relationship, she stated;

If a guy notices a bobby pin, he cheating! If you leave a bobby pin on his dresser and you come back the next day and it’s gone, he cheating!