Haley Lu Richardson’s Boyfriend: Married? Dating History With Brett Dier, Cole Sprouse & Evan Peters!

Sep 17, 2023 @ 5:37 GMT-0500
Haley Lu Richardson’s Boyfriend: Married? Dating History With Brett Dier, Cole Sprouse & Evan Peters! celebsindepth.com

It may come as a surprise, but Haley Lu Richardson doesn't have a boyfriend as of 2023. She was never married but was engaged to Brett Dier. Her dating history includes rumors of dating boyfriends, including Adam Dimarco, Cole Sprouse, and Evan Peters.

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We've discovered that many viewers have been curious about Haley Lu Richardson since the show's premiere. Witnessing her on-screen chemistry with her co-stars, fans have been interested in learning about her real-life boyfriend and if she is married.

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Haley Lu Richardson Hasn’t Revealed Her Boyfriend in 2023!

As of 2023, Haley Lu Richardson (@haleyluhoo) doesn't seem to be dating anyone. The actress is well-known not just for her captivating performances in films but also for the infrequent glimpses into her personal life and the complexities of her love life, from a decade-long relationship with Brett Dier (@brettdier) dating rumors with Evan Peters in 2023.

Haley Lu Richardson is living her single life. celebsindepth.comHaley Lu Richardson is living her single life.
Source: Instagram

Haley Lu Richardson has always been in the limelight, either for her roles in movies and TV shows or for her well-known dating history. The actress has dated or been linked to several well-known faces in the industry. But the fact that she doesn't have a boyfriend is not digestible for her fans.

Although it may be a surprise for fans to learn that she is single in 2023, maybe after her failed engagement and relationship, she is more focused on her career than her relationship. Or maybe Haley Lu Richardson is seeing someone in private and doesn't want to admit it in public, as the camera and talk might only be regarding her relationship rather than her work.

Haley Lu Richardson Is Not Married but Was Engaged to Brett Dier!

Many fans have been curious to know if Haley Lu Richardson is married. Well, no, she isn't married and doesn't have a husband. The beautiful, well-known actress has been in several relationships but was never married. She was even engaged to her fiance, Brett Dier.

Haley Lu Richardson was engaged to Brett Dier. celebsindepth.comHaley Lu Richardson was engaged to Brett Dier.
Source: Pop Sugar

It seemed only right that Brett and Haley get engaged in the most unexpected yet wonderful way after developing an amazing relationship for several years. As usual, they were joking and laughing while enjoying a pizza dinner at an outdoor strip mall when Haley felt the need to propose to Brett. Brett agreed right away, and although neither of them had rings, they managed to get twigs to tie around their ring fingers. But their relationship didn't lead to marriage.

Haley Lu Richardson’s Dating History With Adam Dimarco, Cole Sprouse, and Evan Peters!

Up until the fourth episode of The White Lotus' second season, fans of Adam and Haley assumed that they were enjoying an off-camera relationship as well. When Leo Woodall's Jack, the nephew of Tom Hollander's posh British gay aesthete, enters the scene and steals Portia's attention away from Albie, their characters' almost-relationship breaks down. And viewers hoped that their on-screen relationship would result in actual dating. Even though they were frequently seen together, they never accepted dating rumors.

Although it was never proven that Haley Lu Richardson was dating actor, her rumored boyfriend, Evan Peters at the time, sources claimed that they had something. Many admirers believed the news at face value even though the couple had never been photographed together in public since they knew both celebrities kept their personal lives private. Fans and industry insiders alike are now speculating widely about whether Peters and Richardson may have broken up or whether they ever actually dated.

Haley Lu Richardson was rumored to be dating Cole Sprouse. celebsindepth.comHaley Lu Richardson was rumored to be dating Cole Sprouse.
Source: Instagram

Actress Haley Lu Richardson, who flashed her signature smile while donning enormous round-framed glasses, was also spotted cuddling up to Cole Sprouse. The two actors co-starred in the 2019 love thriller Five Feet Apart, in which they played cystic fibrosis sufferers who are prohibited from being more than a few feet apart due to the risk of deadly cross-infection from a person with the condition. Although they were thought to have started dating the year prior, the couple was only formally linked in 2018. By January 2020, the romance had ended, but never accepted of dating.

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